Physiqua | 8/26/2010
Mindless Chatter with Abby and Anna | 12/27/2008

Age: 26

Status: Homeschooler

Who am I?

I am a blonde. Inside and out. But at least I admit it. I have two black cats one named Ellie the other Mulch. I did have two Beta fish named Jack and Will but they died. I love being out doors, reading, and all sorts of vidio games. I love animals. And I LOVE being random. I LOVE school (It's a Shocker to people who know me)! My favorite subject is Science and Any languages I can take. I am currently taking French although next year I will be taking German. I am also going to get Hebrew from Rosetta Stone(I am really excited). My least favorite subject is math. I HATE IT!! (sorry if that seemed mean to people who like math)

   I have four sisters and one brother. Adrianne, Angeline, Chris jr., Ashleigh, and Alyssa (I wil not say ages). And I have four nephews Caleb(13), Jacob(12), Corban(9), and james(1). I have an AWESOME mum (Anna will agree).

   My fav movies are:  Knight and Day, The A-team, The lightning thief, Avatar, Iron man, Return to me, Inkheart, Miss Congeniality, Star Trek, the mummy 1,2,and3, National treasure, Penelope, Lotr, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pride and Prejudice (the one with the awesome Colin Firth), Sherlock Holmes (all of them but most Robert downey jr.), Much Ado About Nothing, A Knight's Tale, Phantom of the Opera (Gerard Butler), One Night with the King,  Hulk, Wall-E, Journey to the Center of the Earth. And many more that I can't think of.

   Fav Tv Shows: NCIS, Psych, Monk, The Mentalist, Lost, Heroes, Legend of the Seeker, Miami Medical. And yup there is many more.

  I have a ton o' Fav books and authors.

  Music: Flyleaf, Skillet, Tobymac, Jennifer knapp, and o yea many more. I love plays. I love Wicked and Phantom of the Opera.

   I quote a ton of movies and tv shows and not many people get what the quotes are from. Bummer. I mostly quote Miss Congeniality, Pysch, and Knight and Day.


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