Changing Ways

A Poem By Alecia // 3/12/2009

I had to do this for a class, so don't think I'm copying OGF.
Changing ways
They’re always close behind me,
They’re always where I am.
They’re always close beside me,
May this never end.
My sister close beside me,
My brother close behind,
They copy every move I make, Wether ‘tis cruel or kind.
Now I’m growing older,
Sticking with my friends.
Still they copy every move,
Now I hope it ends.
When my friends come over,
They copy every move,
But now they imitate my friends,
Of this some won’t approve.
Don't they understand?
I'm not the only thing they have,
I'm not so very grand.
Now I'm all grown up,
They copied every move,
They're doing just as I did,
And did it something prove?
Indeed it did,
And now I see,
I should have changed my ways,
By following my example,
Into the world they've strayed.
I hope they change their ways,
And don't end up like me,
For what a thought, to carry,
I could have changed everything.


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