What to write about | 1/26/2011 [not published - visible only to you]
Snow Angels | 1/10/2011
A New Chapter of Life | 1/2/2011
A Tale Of Eygptian Twins | 1/1/2011 [not published - visible only to you]

Age: 22

Favorite word(s): Whitty, unique, blossom, compassionate, juicy, sweet, VAIN VANITY I LOVE THOSE WORDS!, Sureal, mumbo jumbo, fuzzy, aroma, and loads more!

Status: Homeschooler

Who am I?

I'm Alexandra and I love to write pretty much anything but I have trouble finishing stuff but I plan to change that :)! I also love to read, again pretty much anything but historical fiction is my favorite! I can't wait to post my writing and read other pieces of writing on here!


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