A Poem By AmandaLC // 12/14/2007

I am Temptation
I feel no regret, but you will
I come in all shapes and sizes
I am Temptation

I work threw your peers
I will you to have sex
I entice you to do drugs
I know no boundaries
I am Temptation

I go hand in hand with the devil
I watch lives fall apart and grin
I push friends away from caring friends
I see bright futures disappear
I am Temptation

No one can stop me, not one, but…
I never claimed Jesus Christ
I’ll put ideas in you head
You don’t need Him
You don’t need family
Church is a waste of your time
I try hard
I will claim you
Oh no, here comes Jesus
I must flee for now
But as long as you are alive
I will always be present
I am Temptation



Your so good at writing!

Emily | Sat, 12/15/2007

Thanks, I can only do poems

Thanks, I can only do poems though.

AmandaLC | Sun, 12/16/2007

Jesus' baby sister

Same here

Same here. i'm not so good at essays or stories though I like to start stories!


Emily | Thu, 01/24/2008


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