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An Essay By Amy // 1/31/2006

It seems like so many girls change themselves so much; they dye their hair, plaster their faces with makeup and blush till you can't see the skin, cover their eyelashes with mascara to make them look twenty times fuller than they really are, draw lines on their eyelids, pluck out hairs from their eyebrows, poke holes all the way up their ears and fill them up with earrings, put even more through their noses, lips, and eyebrows (which makes me sick), coat their lips in vibrant lipstick, then cram themselves into tight jeans, short T-shirts with obnoxious, rude, insulting writing on the front, tattoo their backs which everyone can see quite clearly (note the part about the T-shirts), put rings on all their fingers, bracelets up their arms, necklaces galore, high heeled shoes to make them taller and tah-dah! You have...what do you have? A bunch of ugly products hiding a true girl, and even though she could be pretty, if she dressed modestly and let her natural beauty show, no one will ever see that side of her, thanks to modern trends.
And the attitude that goes with the dress; well, it often matches the T-shirts; obnoxious, rude and insulting. It's amazing how beautiful good Christian girls can be, and it's all in the attitude; being sweet and kind is so much more attractive than being insulting and self-centered.
Not that she couldn't go against the flow, but there are few who chose to do that. I wonder if they ever think about it? Do they actually think that they look better that way, and that their attitudes are pleasant? Or do they do it merely because almost everyone else does?
I'd like fashion to go back about a hundred years or so, personally, --not that then didn't have it's flaws, too, but I think the fashion then was far prettier, and more modest, on the whole-- but, it's not like that's going to happen. So, I do the best I can!


get's you thinking.....

I've always said that I wished all the girls wore dresses like back a hundred years ago! You point is blunt and true! Go to a football game! Way to many girls like that!! Your post got me thinking," What are they trying to prove?" I admit I have my ear lobes pierced! But I see your point!!!

Emily | Thu, 09/27/2007

That was lovely. And very

That was lovely. And very true. Many girls hide behind that one and only model that the world presents to them. I love knowing that I am rebelling against the world's standards of dress for girls,(even if i do have piercings.) I just hope i can love girls who don't resist the temptation to dress like world. We need to dislike the clothes and fluff and love the person behind all of it.

Anonymous | Wed, 12/26/2007

why do all of those lovly

why do all of those lovly girls think they need to do that to themselves to be "pretty"? Who decides what "pretty" is?

Sarah | Wed, 12/26/2007

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!

Omygosh. That is so true! I

Omygosh. That is so true! I was going shopping with my mom a couple of days before Christmas and I saw a picture of a girl who was acting.....ya know and all "I'm so h-o-t." I took a good look at her and I felt disgusted. But then I looked at my mom and I saw how beautiful she was.

Emily-Smileygirl (not verified) | Fri, 12/28/2007


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