US Soldier

A Poem By ArielH // 6/6/2007

I am strong, I am proud.
i am fierce and i am loud.
I hold myself with dignity and try
my best to make you flee.
I, I am a marine.

I am taught to use my head if i didn't i could be dead.My home is above the earth flying flying like a bird.
I keep it cool and keep my mind protect the homeland from the skies.
I show no remorse for i am of the Air Force.

I am a fish of the sea I protect because its my duty.I will go where i am called from here to there to the far reaches of the earth guarding the place of my birth. Oh yes, a fish of the sea i am the US Navy.

I am camoflauge and i am tanks, i am living on foreign banks. I am forgiving but i am tough when it comes to those i love. I am not sorry for keeping whats mine i am the US Army one of a kind.

I am brawn, I am flight, I am water. I am sight.
I am one and the same working for a common goal forget the name.
I am a sister and brother in arms not afraid to weep when others fall into harm.
I am man not a machine that is what makes me unable to beat.
I understand the sacrifice the possibilty to give my life.
With the statue of liberty as my witness and the eagle as my guide please let my hateful prejudices be swept aside.
Black and blue colors my bruise same goes for me as goes for you.
Red, white, and blue i'll follow your lead whether it may be United States Army, Airforce, Navy, or Marines.
One day i'll drop my gun and lose the grenade when the white flag and olive branch call my name.
But today, same as yesterday i'll be a protector.
I am a US Soldier.


read your poem

I like the way this was written. Especially the line "Black and blue colors my bruise same goes for me as for you".

jennifer | Mon, 07/23/2007

Us Soldier

thank u!!!

Anonymous | Wed, 07/25/2007