Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell: Chapter Fourteen

Fiction By Bernadette // 8/19/2011

My companion felt the opening of the gate. It was locked with heavy iron. No one had yet opened it in the dark dawn. I whispered to him hoarsely:

"Is it sturdy enough to climb over?" he tested the gate for sturdiness, but the hinges were weak, and the designs of the iron were sharply edged. He gave an unsure nod.

"It would be possible." He puased, "Yet we won't climb over in silence with all the creaking and the ivy rustling." I looked up for a moment to again see the structure of the buildings. I glanced away, but a shadows crossed a lighted window. The shadow did not come from within. We both looked behind us down the streets.There was nothing. We glanced at each other and both knew to keep silence. Slowly I crouched down, as to not make a sound, to the level of the cobblestone; my blade was still drawn, but kept hidden beneath my cloak. We knew unfreindly eyes were watching us.


All I could think was to keep him away. I was oblivious of what power would be laid in Lord Dorwar's hands if he gained Celgarian. Nor did I know how desperate my keep was. Lotrd Dowar could control time. I did not know the meaning of that.

   I strove with him, fighting like an animal trying not to be caged. A cold gleam of a knife was cuaght in my gaze. But it was not of my own blade. My own life was on a thread now. All thought of Celgarian was gone. His arm, which did not hold the knife, held me down against the stone. I struggled and unbalanced the hand with the knife. Yet that was not enough. Again I struggled, my breath gasping.


I saw my sword lying near me feet. I moved a little, positioning my foot closer to the edge of my blade.My stir went unnoticed. I waited. Still breathing heavily as, out of the edge of my eye, I watched the Marher. The horse's head had just entered the shadows. I flicked up my sword and barely cuaght the hilt in my hand. I stabbed at my nearest captor. He fell back wounded, yet alive.

   I was swift, and my strokes had fallern within a moments time; yet it was long enough for thte Marher to come charging back upon me. Indeed, I had startled my captor and gained release of them; for they stumbled back. The horse reared up before me and crashed down upon me. Its hooves drove into my chest and bruised it. Falling hard against the cold cobblestone, the burning pain of my shoulder returned. I grimaced, but did not cry out.


I just went back and read all

I just went back and read all of the earlier chapters, and... wow. That's pretty much all I can say. So much mysteriousness! And action!
Also, I feel really bad for the third-paragraph person. Ouch.

Hannah W. | Sat, 08/20/2011

well done!

Very well written, my dear! I do wonder if these characters are going to meet up, if the darkness will be lifted, or if the clock has something to do with the sun being gone..... hmmm.... Keep writing!

Elizabeth | Sat, 08/20/2011


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