Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell: Chapter Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five

Fiction By Bernadette // 3/31/2012

Chapter Twenty-Four

The terrace was right above me. It almost touched the point in the gatehouse’s roof. I looked around once more to see if anyone was following me. I moved slowly and carefully. When I was in the pinnacle’s shadow, I sprang up, with the agile-ness of a cat. I looked about quickly. There was still no sign that anyone had noticed. Still I remembered that I had heard something come near me.

The noises of the Square became a distant murmur as I was now focused on reaching the terrace. It was at least a foot away from the peak of the pinnacle, and it was hard enough to stay on the pinnacle and still be remaining in the shadows. Keeping a tight grasp on the pinnacle with my legs and one hand, I reached up. My hand could barely grasp the iron railing. And it was cold. I let go. Crouching lower I lifted myself higher onto the pinnacle. If people looked, I knew that I could be seen. With a sudden rush, I grabbed the railing quickly and thrust my other hand up beside the first. I stood, but my feet slipped off from the pinnacle.

A shout came from below me.

I took no time to look down. I swung my legs up, and they caught the terrace.


I knelt near him. Though my hands were not shaking, they were lingering from reaching forward. I did not know what to do with him. I was trapped there, yet I would have no reason to leave. So I reached forward and grabbed his shoulders. I turned him over on his back and saw his face. I gasped. I knew his face.

His hair was dark and red, his features carved like stone, and his brow was stern. I could not see his eyes, for they were closed; yet I remembered their color. His eyes were green, green, green.

My hands clutched his shoulders tightly, for I suddenly felt as though I would faint. My mind was swept back to a memory, so old that I thought it could be a dream. A face I saw, the same face I was gazing upon: The face, the hair, the parted lips.
“Who are you?” I said, though more to the fading face in my memory.


We reached a stairwell and passed down it quickly. Our footsteps were echoing, and I soon saw a light, reaching up the steps. The light came from the dying flame of an oil lamp, hung up in the stables.
Alstare sped ahead. I leapt down the last few stairs. The ceiling was somewhat low, and like before, all the windows were curtained heavily. The walls were stone and all the stalls empty. Except for the one. It was the farthest stall from us and the closet one to the double-wooden doors.

“Well Dagan,” he said referring to me. “There’s your charger.” Alstare stood still, and I walked forward. The horse was looking over the door of his stall, his large grey head turned towards me. As I went up to him, the draft began banging his leg against the door. The hinges and the lock rattled. I stood now in front of him and looked over his impressive form. The feathers on his hooves were white, and same was his tail. All over he was dappled. His forelock was braided.

“Well,” I said, “everyone in Hethwenthor will know that I am leaving, with this horse making raucous down all the streets.”

Chapter Twenty-Five

Dozens of shouts rang out from the guardhouse and gatehouse. I swung myself up and over the terrace, just as a flash of arrows flew by. I fell and rolled on the hard stone of the balcony. I bolted up and my hood fell back. Another whirl of arrows came and I ducked and sprang forward. A cry came out from below:

“The Bellbreaker! The Bellbreaker!” other cries echoed and a great din sprang up. There was a clamoring of steel and the hammering of doors. There was a raucous of arrows, and feet were running swiftly. Shouts rose up. The reason of the commotion was only known to the guards. I looked about only once, to see a volley of arrows fly at me, and the outpouring of guards into the Square.

“Dorwar had brought more guards, or else he has been hiding them,” I thought as I dashed forward. Even as I ran, a new enemy approached. Archers, posted on the roofs which I was below, started shooting down at me. I was caught between two onslaughts.


His eyes opened. And they were green.

“So you killed them, didn’t you?” He shouted suddenly, springing up and casting me away. I did not catch myself as I fell, as I was so startled. His eyes had a burning light in them. I lay, propped up on one elbow, speechless.

“Answer me!” He shouted and drew out a knife. He stepped towards me.

“I didn’t!” I screamed, inching away and scrambling to my feet. I tripped as he stepped forward again. My heart was beating hard enough that it seemed that it would soon leap out from my chest.

He didn’t answer. I didn’t dare to move. He was breathing quickly, as if he was startled also. We were silent. All I could hear was the fire burning and our quick breaths. Our eyes were both gazing at the others. And both our eyes were green.


I was outside in the courtyard, mounted on the huge grey. My hands were steady on the reins, yet the horse restless. He pawed at the ground and champed at his bit. Alstare held a lantern and spoke to me:

“The Bellbreaker was seen in the Square four hours ago. I did not know what happened for I was busy elsewhere though I have heard word that the Marher are out looking for him; for what reason I do not know. But because of that I think you need take to the main streets. The Marher I do not think will be stalking there.”

I nodded.

“Do you remember it?” Alstare asked, lowering his voice.

“Yes.” I answered. Alstare smiled grimly.

“Alright then, be off!” he said and swung up his arm as the horse dashed through the open gate. He swerved as I turned the reins. We broke the silence as we came into the street.


"His eyes were green, green,

"His eyes were green, green, green..." Who is this guy? I'm terribly curious...
"The Bellbreaker! The Bellbreaker!" Huzzah for Bellbreaker, I love him. Even though I am not totally sure what he has planned... :)
Great chapters! This story is awesome! 

Hannah W. | Sun, 04/01/2012