Rush and Dream Again

A Poem By Bernadette // 1/28/2010


Rushing and scurrying feet  

No time to dream again.


Soft rushes of breezing wind

Whispering: dream again.


Hearts pounding and rushing:

Won’t you dream again?


Shining and rushing rivers

Their calling: dream again. 


Unattended rushing thoughts

Stop and dream again.


Waves rush on sandy shores

 Heal and dream again.


Timeless words breaking hearts

Will you halt to dream again?


Rushed wind past passing clouds

Rush and dream again.


sooooo beautiful!

This was just lovely, Bernadette! I loved the softness of the poem.... It had a dreamy feel to it.......

Elizabeth | Sat, 02/06/2010


The Holy Spirit is the quiet guest of our soul." -St. Augustine


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