An Assassin's Tale (Chapter Two)

Fiction By Brianna M // 6/26/2008

Short summary: Rina's mom was fatally ill. Rina met a stranger and he gave her a bottle. Rina drank it and her body is burning inside. Remember? Good! Let's continue!

Rina awoke and saw herself on the floor. She went to a mirror so she could see if she was alright. She saw that she had white hair and brown eyes. "Well at least my eyes are the same" Rina said. "Are you sure about that?" a voice said. "Who's there?" Rina asked. "I'm inside of you. For now you and I share this body and allow me to be in control" the voice said. "No way!" Rina said. "Very well then. I'll see you later!" the voice said. There was a flash and Rina's hair was back to its oringinal color. "That stranger! He'll know about this!" Rina said. She grabbed a jacket and ran downstairs. "Hey where do you think you're going?" Sukai asked. "Out" Rina replied. "Hey! You better be home by ten or you're grounded!" Sukai said. "Whatever" Rina replied.
Rina was at the spot where she met the stranger and there she saw him. "You! What happened!? I demand an explanation!" Rina said. "Calm yourself. You're alright. The other person inside you. Her name is Mizuki and she is a paid assain. Your payment to me is to assainate people" the stranger said. "What!? Assainate people!?" Rina said. "No! I won't do it!" Rina said. "Too bad. I guess a death will occur in your family very soon" the stranger said. Rina was silent. "Do we have a deal?" the stranger asked.
"Deal!" Rina said. "A wise choice. I have a gift for you" the stranger said. The stranger handed out a dagger with a moon on it. "Take it" the stranger said. Rina took it. "Turn into Mizuki because your first target is around the corner" the stranger said.


i have a question when you

i have a question when you write assain is that like a misspelled form of assassin someone who goes around killing people just wondering

Anonymous | Thu, 06/26/2008

your question

Yes sometimes i spell that word wrong, unfortunately the story will get better later. Keep reading!!!

Anonymous | Sat, 06/28/2008