A heart is cold

A Poem By Brianna // 9/23/2007

A heart is cold
A beam is sold
For souls so beautiful
but hearts of stone

Now wounded He cries
for the heart that has died
and pain looks
from His penetrating eyes

He loves with a love
that’s despised and rejected
The priceless is sold;
the cost of our souls

Love is sold like a piece of cloth
For the merchant is broken
and the seller a thief
who steals unworthily

Are we dead to love
dead to see
our Savior who hangs
just because we
are waiting for a king

He loves the worn; He is weary
He loves the hurting; He is crushed
He loves the broken; He breaks
He loves the lonely; they forsake

The cruelty of humanity is felt in full
As everything falling is caught in His hold
Making deep an impression
He reflects to every soul

And we are impressed upon
we are loved
we are born into a greatness
that we cannot know

Still we forsake
We curse His name
We do not hold
with the one who breaks

His stamp of love
pressed into every soul
so that love cannot die
and pain can’t control

And the blood that is spilled
washes clean all our guilt
and holds us in
His immeasurable image

Each life is felt
and into each heart, He melts
And breathes in his life
instilling it with light

And a heart quivers to a stop
The breath is broken and wrought
with something great
bigger than the tree that holds His weight

The beauty will be seen
and the pain will be blessed
Can’t you see?
It was for us

For the tears which He cried
Burned our sin and our pride
you are the reason He died

Now look in His eyes
and see that He cries
We’re walking away
He’s calling us to stay

When we look
we see our scars
But through His eyes
you can find the answer

Raise your eyes to the cross
and see
He is not so high
or far away
up in the sky

Eternal life is waiting for you

He’s looking at you
looking right on through
He sees
He knows
and still.....

He’s loving you


love it

I love it it really went to my heart


Bernadette | Thu, 12/13/2007

hi! =)

Thats really good!!!
I like it!!

*happy face*

Velocity | Wed, 01/30/2008

The Truth will set you free.


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