A Poem By Brianna // 8/18/2007

A sharp light soaks through your opening eyes
the sounds are loud and curious from the great silence
your cries pierce the air
ringing out in a place
you do not know

Welcome to the world

Your fingers reach, stretching
trying to find something, someone
to hold onto
There is a great space before you
opening wide to many things
you do not know

Welcome to our world

You are tired from your exertion
of crying, and moving about
and your eyes slowly close
on that stream of light
and once more you dream

Welcome to this world

You feel safe and warm
something, someone, has you
cradled in their arms
singing through your dreams
telling you beautiful things

Welcome to our world, child, welcome to our world



Nice poem.
you can kinda imagine it someone hurt and crying the sun comes through the window and she starts to dream. :)

Anonymous | Tue, 10/09/2007

that's neat

...I actually wrote it to my little cousin who was just born, but it's neat the different ways you could look at it. I meant it that way. :)

Brianna | Wed, 10/10/2007

"We have been created for greater things. Why stoop down to things that will spoil the beauty of our hearts?" ~Mother Theresa


Oh yah. lol I guess I tottaly read that with the wrong picture in my mind!! lol

Velocity | Wed, 10/10/2007

The Truth will set you free.


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