The Effectiveness of Cramming

An Essay By Bridget // 12/28/2011

Written a couple of years ago... I don't know the exact date.  I might have been 15 or 16.


I was originally supposed to write an essay on how cramming is not an effective study method.  However, my convictions do not allow that essay, and instead I will write about the effectiveness of cramming.

Cramming is very effective.  I know this for a fact, having used it for every test I have ever taken since I started school.  In my experience, it works splendidly.  Strangely enough, although it is widely used, cramming has not been recognized as being worthwhile.  I do not understand this.

Cramming is one of the most venerable of the arts.  If a person learns how to cram, he is virtually set for life.  He can stay up all the night before an important test, pass with flying colors, and afterwards shed the burden of the knowledge he was so recently forced to acquire.

If a person neglects to learn the practice of cramming, he will go about the rest of life working hard and retaining knowledge, and he will not even have the sense to realize something is lacking!

I discovered this sad fact late one night while I was lying in my bed after a horribly profitable day, and the moment I realized the undeniable truth, I made all haste to learn how to cram.  If you wish to escape the fate of a prosperous life, I suggest you do the same.  Immediately.  There is no time to waste.



 I remember this! I still love it :D

Keri | Thu, 12/29/2011

Yeah, I think I posted this

Yeah, I think I posted this on the MB.  Thank you, love!

Bridget | Thu, 12/29/2011

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