An Essay By Bridget // 6/11/2012

I’m having this weird feeling right now. It’s the same feeling I get at the beginning of every summer. Granted, it’s not quite summer yet. The feeling’s come a little early this year. It’s the realization that, no matter how much dirt and crap and homework has gotten thrown at you, you are gonna have some fun soon. No matter completely horrible life has been, there will at least be some brief respite from the torture chamber.
This feeling laughs at you from three miles ahead, telling you to hurry or you’ll miss something amazing. It screeches in your ear that it will thoroughly kick your butt if you don’t start moving it. It pounds on your chest. It gives you shivers up your back. It’s what drives you out of bed even when you don’t have to get to school in five minutes.
It tells you that there will be friends, and swimming pools, and barbecues. Late-night revelations and mid-morning breakfasts.
Something new.
Don’t fool yourself. You’ll be scared. You’ll push yourself. But it’s summer. It happens every year; you had better get used to the apprehension that comes with it.


There's always something very

There's always something very honest about your writing. I'm happy to see that you've posted again!!!

Erin | Sun, 06/17/2012

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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