oceanic postal service

A Poem By Christa // 10/1/2008

Walking on packed sand
Alongside morning's tide
I spy some litter on the land
And, intending to throw it out,
Instead I find a bottle peeking out
Delivered over in night’s hand
I roll the bottle in my palms
Brushing off crusted shell and sand
To find a parchment crumpled
Confined within brown glass
A moment passes as I ponder this
Mysterious and romantic cache
A lovers letter? A cry for help?
Someone far away reaching out?
A treasure map, marked with X?
The answer to the riddle
The letter inside awaits
I yank the bottle top – surprisingly easy!
To find the sender was in err
For all the document now contains:
Smudged ink, brown and soggy edges
And slightly fishy smell
“Return to sender” clearly marked
By the evening tide
Woe betide the sender and receiver!
The oceanic postal service is not kind!
Let this be a caution! To all you would-be postal customers
Clearly mark your address, don’t forget the postage
And air-tightly cap the package before tossing
Into the tide.



I enjoyed reading it. I used to live next to a beach, so this poem brings back memories. And the conclusion made me laugh.

James | Wed, 10/01/2008

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:) This was

:) This was great.

Love me, love my friends.
-Anne of the Island

Anna | Wed, 10/01/2008

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


I like the anticlimax.

Timothy | Wed, 10/01/2008

ha, that made me laugh

ha, that made me laugh suddenly. Makes me remember long hours spent looking for messages in bottles. :P

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manisfesting themselves in meaningless doodles.............................

Sarah | Thu, 10/02/2008

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!

thank you all ;) I

thank you all ;) I appreciate it! There's still some work that needs to be done on it (lines 7 and 13 and some of the final ones aren't quite right yet), but I like where it ended up.
It was inspired by a contemplation about life turning out different than expected, terry pratchet's going postal (I seem to have mail on the brain lately lol), day dreaming about being on the beach on a cool, grey morning :)

Christa | Thu, 10/02/2008


Fun! :D

Awesome job, Christa.

Clare Marie | Thu, 10/02/2008

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." -Bilbo Baggins [The Lord of the Rings]


Cute! The ending made me laugh, I wasn't expecting it!

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Heather | Thu, 10/02/2008

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