Wintry night

A Poem By Christa // 2/10/2010

The world looked wild
This late at night
Trees darkly bleak
Against all that white
Frigid air stops
As though God hit pause
No sound comes through
This bitter Oz

No animal
Civilized or wild
Stirs the night
Opaquely bright
All in all, how strange!
What creatures could exist?
In this field so light
In this dead of night

Both life and death
Must wait for dawn
To break the song
I step back in
To the warmth of home
Cozy orange, a beacon
Against the winter’s tone
I curl up amidst
My comforter of white
Where I dream
Of that cold, bleak sight


Ooh, I liked it! I saw it all

Ooh, I liked it! I saw it all so well. I have definitely been in that winter scene!! I literally gasped at the "God hit pause" part, too. :D Nice effect.

Sarah Bethany | Thu, 02/11/2010

Really like this poem, very

Really like this poem, very cool winter picture!

Kay J Fields | Thu, 02/11/2010

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