How Can I Console You?

A Poem By Clare Marie // 11/7/2011

 “O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console…”  -St. Francis of Assisi






fills my heart, where You should be.

Why can’t I feel



is just a daily duty

which I can’t

overcome –


These days my only consolation

is thought after thought

of You.

These days

my constant isolation

is warmed by constant thoughts

of my Lamb’s blood –



of the Garden.

I hardly call it coincidence

that the world lost You

and gained You

in a garden.

But these aches of mine

rouse me.

How can I complain

when You relive

day after day

the heartbreak

of the sinner?

We are lost

because we turn

the other way.

Panting like the deer, we disregard Your love.

While we suffer

through this


Your love –

in passion,

in tenderness –


with every heartbeat

immeasurably more


In stillness

and in littleness

the Garden gate lies open to me.

Let me enter on my knees

for the opening is small.

Let me suffer with You

and drink

Your Father’s cup.

I’ll take Your yoke

because You have always carried


This is how

I can console You.





Clare, this was beautiful.... I especially loved this line.....

Your love-

in passion,

in tenderness-


with every heartbeat

I love you, Gems!

Elizabeth | Tue, 11/08/2011


The Holy Spirit is the quiet guest of our soul." -St. Augustine


Clare this is beautiful.

Bernadette | Sun, 11/13/2011

This is so beautiful. It

This is so beautiful. It feels so full of emotion, but it's so simple at the same time. I especially liked the ending.

Elizabeth Anne | Tue, 11/15/2011

See him with his books:
Tree beside the brooks,
Drinking at the root
Till the branch bear fruit.
See him with his pen:
Written line, and then,
Better thought preferred,
Deep from in the Word.
~John Piper