Hot Air Balloon, Chapter Nine

Fiction By Clare // 8/2/2010


Getting a taxi from the mall was easier than getting one near the zoo. Consulting the brochure, Cody found a place that looked promising, and soon, they stood out on the sidewalk, looking up at the sign.
“Lily Grill,” Georgie read. “Steak?”
“Lots of different things,” Cody replied. He glanced at her, amazed once again how much older and…prettier she looked. “So…do you wanna go in?”
Georgie laughed. “Well, I didn’t come all this way to stand outside and look at it,”
Cody tried to decide how best to escort Georgie in. If he offered her his arm, that would feel way too much like being forced to walk down the aisle with his cousin Whitney as a junior groomsmen (lamest wedding duty in history). But how else could he do it? Carry her in?
Awkwardly, Cody simply took her hand and led her into the restaurant.
Cody had chosen well, all things considered. The restaurant, true to its name, had fake lilies standing in vases on the square tables, and the smell of good food met them at the front. The walls were light orange-red, and the carpet was patterned cream and brown. The stewardess looked enormously pleased to see them, and charged them in a sharp wave of floral fruity scent.
“Hello, and welcome to Lily Grill! Table for two?”
“Yes, thank you,” Cody said. “Nonsmoking,” It had seemed like a good thing to say, but Georgie snorted.
The bubbly stewardess flashed them a million dollar smile (that probably cost a million dollars her teeth were so white) and led them into the dining area. A few other people sat eating, talking quietly, and soft music played in the background.
“Be seated, and someone will be with you shortly,”
Georgie started to pull out her chair. “Hey, isn’t that my job?” Cody asked, smiling.
“Go right ahead,” Georgie said, stepping back and gesturing him towards the chair. Cody pulled out the chair, and Georgie sat down with daintiness and grace (more or less).
Cody sat down across from her.
They sat there and stared at each other for a second.
Georgie cleared her throat. “Rule number one: this is not going to be awkward. Deal?”
“Deal,” Cody said, breathing a sigh of relief.
“So,” Georgie said, looking around. “This is really nice,”
“Yeah,” Cody replied, looking at her. “Really nice,”
A waitress walked up to their table, brown and cream menus in hand. “Hello,”
“Hello,” Georgie said, smiling at her.
“Here are your menus,” The waitress said. “And what can I get you two to drink?”
Cody quickly scanned the small DRINKS section on the back of the menu. “Coke, please,”
“Strawberry lemonade,” Georgie said.
“Great,” The waitress said, scrawling on her legal pad. “Your drinks will be with you in a minute,”
She walked off, and Georgie and Cody began studying the menus. “Appetizer first,” Georgie said in a fake British accent. “Do you like cocktail shrimp?”
“Yes,” Cody replied.
The waitress returned with their drinks, and they ordered the cocktail shrimp. Than they had to pick what to eat for a main course.
“Ooh…spaghetti!” Georgie murmured. “I love spaghetti,” She looked down at her brand new, immaculate dress. It just wasn’t worth it.
“I’d order this steak thing,” Cody said. “But it’s expensive…and huge,”
“Yeah…I can never finish all the food anyway,” Georgie said. She looked up. “Ahem. This is starting to sound a smidge awkward. Since when can’t we make conversation? Lighten up!”
Cody laughed nervously. “Ok…fine. But I still need to pick something,”
“Me, too,”
They were silent, studying the menu. “Ooh!” Georgie said. “They have chicken strips,”
“I take you to a fancy restaurant, and you are going to order chicken strips?” Cody asked, shocked. “I…no. Pick something else,”
Georgie laughed. “Ok, ok…there are so many choices,”
“I think I know what I’m ordering,” Cody said. “A French dip sandwich,”
“What’s that?” Georgie asked.
“It’s like a beef sandwich you dip into sauce,” Cody replied.
“Hmm…” Georgie looked ponderous. “I think I’ll order this chicken sandwich. It has lots of yummy stuff on it…honey mustard,”
“Oh, great,” Cody said, laughing. “Now we have to pick side dishes,”
“French fries,” Georgie said. “Easy,”
“You’re right,”
They ordered their dinner when the waitress came with the shrimp, and starting eating.
“Mmm…” Georgie murmured. “This is so good! I love shrimp,”
Cody agreed by eating three more in the same slurp. Georgie didn’t want to get too full, so she only ate five, and then sat back and just looked at Cody. Recently, Jessica and Rachel had agreed that Cody was really cute while they were getting ready for bed one night. That was right before they had started complaining about him leaving mud on their rug and giving Georgie an excuse to skip out of a night of chores. Georgie had ignored them for the most part. But now, she could see they were right. Cody was cute. Really cute. She felt suddenly very lucky, being able to hoard him as her very best friend.
“So,” Georgie said, smiling at him. “Good times, eh?”
“The best,” Cody said, swallowing a mouthful of shrimp.
The music stopped briefly and started up again, a different violin song this time.
Cody finished the shrimp. “Yum. I am ready for dinner!”
Georgie sipped her lemonade, unknowingly looking very cute herself with her lips pursed around her straw, leaning forward. Cody hated when he stared at people. It felt weird. Staring at Georgie was the weirdest. They were buds. BFF’s. Cronies! And yet, she was stare-worthy. Her little diamonds caught the light and blinded him.
“I know this tune,” Georgie said, and started humming along.
“It’s nice,” Cody said. “Happy,”
“I like happy,” Georgie replied, smiling her crooked smile, which Cody knew was her happiest one.
“I know you do,” Cody replied. “Your favorite color is ‘happy’, which I think we determined was orange,”
Georgie laughed. “Oh my gosh…that was…three years ago!”
“Is ‘happy’ still your favorite color?” Cody asked.
“Yes,” Georgie replied. “‘Happy’ will always be my favorite color,” She cocked her head, smiling at him. “Your eyes are brown,” she said.
“Yeah…I know,” Cody said.
“No…I mean…I never even thought about what color they were. I always knew they were brown…y’know,”
Cody nodded, and suddenly realized what color Georgie’s eyes were. “They’re green!”
“No they’re not,” she replied. “Brown,”
“Well, they look green right now,” Cody said, laughing.
Georgie picked up her spoon and held it close to her eyeball. “Hm. Your right. That’s kinda cool. My eyes are changing on me,”
The waitress came with their sandwiches. “Anything else I can get for you?” she asked. “More drinks?”
“No, thank you,” Cody said.
They started eating. “Yum!” Georgie cried. “Oh my gosh…you have to taste this!”
“You have to taste this! Here,” He handed her his sandwich, and she handed him hers.
“Mmm,” Georgie said. “Maybe I picked the wrong one,”
“No way!” Cody said, taking another bite. “This thing is heaven!”
They laughed.
“You have honey mustard on your face,” Georgie said, giggling.
“You have the dipping sauce on your nose!”
Georgie handed him back his sandwich, slowly turning bright red as she tried to suppress giggles. “Oh man,” she gasped. “This is so fun!”
They sat there, laughing, because it wasn’t awkward when they laughed. Georgie suddenly wanted more than anything to be the only girl Cody ever sat in a restaurant laughing with.
They finished their sandwiches and just chatted about random things.
“I don’t think a hooligan is the same thing as a ragamuffin,” Cody said.
“Well, they both have a double letter in them,” Georgie replied.
Cody blinked. “What does that have to do with anything?”
“They’re connected somehow, I know it!”
“Well…they’re both undesirable, if that’s what you mean,” Cody said.
Georgie frowned, then smiled. “That’s it!”
Cody laughed, and the waitress returned, clearing their dinner plates. “Are you ready to order dessert?”
Cody looked at Georgie. “Um…no, not quite yet,”
“Take your time,” she replied, and walked off again.
Georgie picked up her menu again, and moaned dramatically. “So many choices…so little time,”
Cody nodded. “Oh, dude…chocolate pie!”
“Strawberry shortcake!”
“Apple tarts!”
“Peanut butter brownies!”
“S’more pie!”
“Chocolate lava cake!” they cried at the same time.
“We are so getting that,” Georgie said, her eyes bugging out. “And it looks pretty big!”
“Awesome,” Cody said.
When the waitress came back, they ordered one chocolate lava cake with extra whipped cream and ice cream.
It was pretty big. Not nearly as big as a Cherry Quad, but impressive all on its own. They clinked forks. “Cheers,” Cody said.
Georgie smiled. “Cheers.”
They left the restaurant at 10:37 p.m. The sun had set hours ago, but the air was still as warm as a hug. The street lights came on, and Minneapolis never looked more beautiful to two kids. Cody put his arm around Georgie. “Let’s find someplace to sleep,”
“Yeah,” Georgie said, yawning. She leaned her head against his shoulder. “Thanks for making tonight really perfect, Cody,”
“You’re welcome,” he replied. He bent down and swept her up into his arms.
“Cody!” Georgie giggled. “What are you doing?”
“Giving you a lift,” Cody replied. “Those shoes look like murder,”



This is my favorite chapter yet! I was *squee*ing internally for the whooole thing. OMM. Love love love it. Especially where it says that Georgie wants to be the only girl he ever laughs in a restaurant with! Too sweet! And btw, strawberry lemonade and a chicken sandwhich is totally something I would order. Just minus the shrimp. :-P


I did notice two tiny errors: (that probably cost a million dollars her teeth were so white) could use a comma after "dollars."

Than they had to pick what to eat for a main course. That should be "then."

KatieSara | Mon, 08/30/2010


"Are all humans like this? So much bigger on the inside?"


THAT WAS SOOOOO GOOD!!! love the ending! heheh, soooooo sweat! OMG ( Oh my goodness) That was amazing! Katie-Sarah(is that right?) was right best chapter yet! I loved LOVED!!! the part in the restruant ( how do you spell that?) when gerogie had dipping sauce on her nose and cody had that other sauce on his face, hehehe soooo romantic *sigh*


Oh no! I'm not loged in! ARGH!!! Loved it!!!!


Write on!


Anonymous | Mon, 08/30/2010


THAT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!  Best chapter yet!!!! LOVED IT!!!

My favorite parts are

When they both get food on their faces and they point it out to one another, hehehe! so sweat!

and the end !!!! he lefts her off her feet!!!

Great job!

Oh... Dear Crazy Girl is published, please please please please please read it!!! But I don't think it will ever be as good as this story!


Write on!


Kassady | Tue, 08/31/2010

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!



Madeline | Tue, 08/31/2010

Oh. My. Gosh.

 I was leaning forward reading this--and when I lean forward reading a BOOK that means I am waiting to see what happens next. And yes, this is a book! Like, a real book! Something that could be published eventually! I love this story so much. The following are just a few of the quotes I loved but I really loved almost everything (excpet for the words, the, a, and basically because those are pretty standard. (hehehe) 

The bubbly stewardess flashed them a million dollar smile (that probably cost a million dollars her teeth were so white)--laughed out loud here


Georgie had ignored them for the most part. But now, she could see they were right. Cody was cute. Really cute. She felt suddenly very lucky, being able to hoard him as her very best friend.


And yet, she was stare-worthy.


 Georgie suddenly wanted more than anything to be the only girl Cody ever sat in a restaurant laughing with.


and about a million others, like I said. This book it so, so good!

Madeline | Tue, 08/31/2010

Thank you, everyone!

Its KILLLLLING me not being able to edit this! Than i could be done with it, and actually think about having it published!!! But our printer died on us!!!!!!!!



I will read your story, HomeschoolGirl!!!

I will post chapter ten SOON, i promise...maybe right now if i get off my butt and get my zip-drive lol.

Thanks so much! *thumbs up*

Katie: Thank you...see? I NEED TO EDIT!!!! Agggh!!!

Clare | Tue, 08/31/2010


 Just love this story! Can't wait for chapter ten but I know that can sometimes take awhile...

Madeline | Thu, 09/02/2010


I'm done writing the whole book (i just need to edit!) so i can actually post it today! 

Clare | Thu, 09/02/2010



That feels better. I love this SOOOOO much. This is such a sweet story, and I love how developed your characters are, and your dialogue is too funny. Great stuff.

E | Tue, 09/07/2010

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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