A Man of the Night

A Poem By Edith // 6/25/2007

He passes along the sidewalks, in the dark cover of night
Roaming about the sea and sand, keeping out of sight;
He passes along the board walk; the sea splashes its way,
Entering the blackening tide, beneath the serpents sway;
He passes along the empty fields, its dark and air full scent,
Along he walks his pace quickens, to the graveyard he went;
He passes by the gravestones, by each and every name,
Until he came to a certain one, he halted just the same;
He went to look closer, and saw what he not knows:
Above the gravestone lay black pedals, beneath the snowy Rose.
Why, he thought, he knows not the truth behind all this?
The pedals were black and rose as red as lips?
Why beneath the gravestone, did words lie upon and say:
“Here lies Anna Noble, deaths victim and its way”…
He passes along the teary eyes and drops to the ground,
Soothing his hand across the stone, for victory was found.
-The wind blew hard and the trees fell down,
The gravestone cracked and the bushes frown;
The buildings topple and the grass rips up,
The windows break and the buggies cut;
The flowers fly off and the birds hide away,
But throughout the dark cover of night, the weary man did stay…
-Some say he still lays there, his hand clasping the stone and rose,
Some say the flower pedals still live, but really no one knows.
Some believe the man was crazy, living his life a ruin,
But really no one knows anything, for he could have changed that soon.