A Piano and a Teacher

A Poem By Edith // 6/26/2007

A gentle touch
A flowing hand
Upon the keys
Upon the Grand.

The notes printed
On paper so fine
Giving the song
In touching the line.

The white and black keys
Glittering so bright
The touch of smooth fingering
The music pages light.

Time ticks by
Passing five, six, seven
Practice time is almost over
Lessons at eleven.

Rushing through my Repertoire
Jogging through my scales
NYSSMA is in a week
I’m praying I don’t fail!

– DING –
Lessons start

Searching through my theory
She’s grading through my notes
Scales, repertoire, guild piece,
There go all my hopes.

“You’ve got it down well
And the tempo is fine
Just work on your dynamics
Then, oh, how it will shine!”

Back sitting up straight
Fingures curved down
Teacher is right beside me
… I’m trying not to frown …


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