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A Poem By Edith // 6/24/2007

Well hi! It’s me, your awesome and good ol’ pal
Wait… you don’t even know me… well introduce myself, I shall!
My name is Whatsit, and I dunno what to write,
But I am good at playing marbles, and flying a kite.

If ye ever need help now an’ then, writin’ a poem
Just gimme a call at 180-LOST – that’s my number at home.
Most of the time I’m there, but half the time I’m not,
Usually I’m trying to untie my own poetry knot.

I get my inspiration driving round at times – that is, in a car –
But once I start looking away from the road, I don’t get very far…
One time I knocked into a tree, I still have this brose on my knee
I was tryin’ to hold the tree from fallin’ down, you see.

Like right now, if you cannot already guess
I am full of verses tonight – I am so very blessed.
How romantic I am, beautifully written, and how poetic too!
Though at times I have trouble thinking of what to write next… don’t you?

Well now I’m losing it, I think I’m gonna call a quits,
Maybe I’ll hit the sack, get a few winks of sleep for a bit.
So adios, sayonara, farewell, and namarie,
Have a good morning, a good night, and have a good day.



This is pretty cute, definitely worth a chuckle or two, yet sometimes I really DO wish there was a 'Poet's Hotline' or something! ;)

Heather | Fri, 06/29/2007

And now our hearts will beat in time/You say I am yours and you are mine...
Michelle Tumes, "There Goes My Love"


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