The Best Dog in the World

A Poem By Edith // 6/30/2007

A white bundle of fur behind those big brown eyes
A black nose and pink tongue that pleases when one cries
A big paw that taps your lap when you sit
A wagging tail, twitching ears, excited barks and a sweet lick

Wanting nothing but love and care and kisses and hugs,
My good and loyal friend, Falkor, the best, best, pup.
I say “dance”, but instead he rolls upon the floor
I say “beg”, but he sits and gives one paw.

I might burry my head in my pillow and cry tears so large,
But he is always there to nudge me gently, and bark.
I might smile kindly, my heart filled with joy,
And he’s always there for me to say “good boy”.

I can kiss him light, and he’s always there to do the same,
In any kind of weather, heat, cold, snow or rain.
At night when I can’t sleep, he rolls to me his toy ball,
And when we’re both bored we’ll blow the red leaves in the Fall.

Through a scary movie I hide and cuddle his soft silky ears,
On his birthday I’ll surprise him with a toy, I do it every year.
Whenever we get home, he’ll run to us and play,
Grabbing his squeaky fox and squeaking it all the day.

He is my favorite dog, a dear and very close friend,
He seems to understand all my troubles and find them an end
with a gentle touch of his wet black nose, that’s all I need to feel,
A kiss from his pink tongue and a pat from his big paw, to tell me this is real.

A white bundle of fur behind those big brown eyes,
Almost like a marshmallow, or a cloud floating in the skies.
A big paw that taps your lap whenever you sit and rest,
This is Falkor, my handsome dog, the very best of best.



That was cute! Very sweet.

-Falling Leaves

"If life gives you lemons, throw them back!" -Joe Jonas (I think, or it might be another one of the AWESOME Jonas Brothers)

E | Mon, 10/06/2008

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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