The Pool of Reflections

A Poem By Elizabeth Anne // 11/15/2011

 - For anyone who was wondering, I have come up with a cycle for posting my stories. Last week I posted Chapters of The Gifted Part 1, and The Gifted Part 2. This week I am posting a chapter of Thieves as well as a piece of poetry. Next week I will post a chapter of All the Time in the World and another piece of poetry. I would also like to clarify to anyone who reads The Gifted parts 1 & 2 that they are not the same story. Part 2 takes place after part 1, which is not completely posted yet. Sorry to confuse everyone, but Part 2 fit the fall theme so well I just had to post it. Anyways, enjoy the poetry.

The Pool of Reflection
I found myself
One day
At a solitary pool,
So calm and quiet,
Not a breath
Stirred its image.
As I looked down,
I looked up
And reflected on my life.
I saw the pain that I had caused
Both others and myself;
I saw my sins
And all my faults.
As I looked down,
And I looked up,
In the corner of my eye
I saw a tree,
A flower,
A breeze,
And I stopped wondering
Why it was
That God created me.
Instead I wondered
Why He had to die,
Not me.
I left that pool a different person
Resolved to start anew,
And though I may fail
I strive to follow God.