"With His Shield or On It" Chapter Seven: Marching On

Fiction By Elizabeth // 5/24/2008

Coming to a halt for evening’s camp, Menegal wearily set himself down on the ground to rub his ankle that had swelled up again. He had walked mainly in silence for the ending of the march for he was thinking about Golwitch. Memories of playing in the lake that was in the valley where they had lived as children came into his mind, and of the hunts they had enjoyed together. Taking a deep breath of sorrowful memory, he stood up, and went to work setting up his tent. Before he started, Ebhali came over to him.
“I wish to thank you for saving my life,” Ebhali said. “May I raise your tent for you?”
“Have you already set yours?” asked Menegal. “For you will get yourself in trouble, if you do not have it up by the horn call.”
“No, I have not. But I wish to help you,” said Ebhali.
“Set up yours, and if you have more time to spare, you may help me,” said Menegal.
Ebhali then nodded his head and went to do as Menegal bid him.
He worked awkwardly with his one free hand as he raised the tent.
After a few minutes, Ebhali returned.
“I have finished raising my tent, Menegal. May I now help you?”
“Yes, the help would be most welcome,” Menegal smiled.
Just as they were finishing Luvilia ran up to them, out of breath.
“Orders have been changed,” Luvilia said. “We are to march tonight. Leonidas wishes to reach the Thermopylae pass tonight.”
“Will it be perilous to march in the dark through the mountains at night, think you?” asked Menegal, looking forward with aching eyes.
“Yes, but whatever need that drives Leonidas must be greater than the danger,” said Luvilia, quickly. “Ranifa wishes his company to assemble by his tent, armed and in readiness, in less than a half an hour. Better hurry!” so saying, Luvilia rushed away.
Packing up the tent and arming himself again alone, for Ebhali went to prepare himself, he saw Hilfarey coming toward him. He also saw that he held his herb box.
“Menegal, your foot seems to be swelling a great deal. It would be well to soak it in cold water, but since there is hardly any, even for drinking, that is not possible. Therefore, I have brought some herbs that will reduce the swelling.” Hilfarey then pulled out a small bunch of green herbs. Crushing them in a bowl of olive oil, he then wetted a cloth, and tied it around Menegal’s ankle.
“Thank you,” said Menegal. “It puts my ankle at ease.”
“Take it off once you start to march, and I will again rewrap it when we stop,” said Hilfarey, taking his leave of him.
Slinging his quiver over his shoulder and taking his spear in his left hand. He went to the place where they were to stand in readiness.
He saw that Luvilia was already at his place. Menegal took his place beside him. The company had not long to wait for Ranifa soon came out.
“The path we are to take will be more perilous than what we walked today under the sun. It will be darker, and we will not be able to see any loose slabs of stone. We dare not bear any torches for fear of the Persians. Walk carefully and warn the other behind you of what is ahead. This is the advice I give to you. Heed it or you will not likely make the way up.” Ranifa then took his place in front of the company.



Job well done! Write more, Elizabeth! :)

Clare Marie | Sat, 05/24/2008

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Very nice!

Very nice!

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Elizabeth | Thu, 05/29/2008


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Elizabeth, very well done -


very well done - The story is coming along so wonderful.

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