A Poem By Emilee // 10/23/2012

"A dream is a wish your heart makes" I love comments :)

A hand upon mine
Gently pulls me
I stand

An arm encirles me
Brushes my gown
I look

A kind young man
Soft green eyes
Dark hair

A smile that adores
I realize, me
Can’t think

A happy fog surrounds
My empty mind
We sway

A soft, romantic waltz
My gown sparkles
I smile

A moment consumes me
I can’t question
Just love

An hour becomes two
We whisper vows
To stay

A quite voice beckons
Calls my name
I awake

I gasp and recoil
A familiar face
I slept


This is so good! Wow, the way

This is so good! Wow, the way you portrayed everything is just superb. Every time you write, it gets better and better! Love the last 3 lines. :D

Maddi | Wed, 10/24/2012

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh


Cute. I like the ending -- lately your endings are always beginning to surprise me and are always putting a twist to the whole poem; so cool!

Lucy Anne | Wed, 10/24/2012

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson


Thanks guys!! Hopefully i'll keep moving forward!

Emilee | Wed, 10/24/2012

A poem begins as a lump in the thoat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness -Robert Frost
Emilee @ http://fantasticalpaperrealm.blogspot.com/


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