Emily Grace

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Age: 21

Favorite word(s): laugh, laughter, friendship, peccadillo, umlaut, mwahahahaha, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, whatchamacallit, thingamajig, wibbly–wobbly, timey-wimey, ding, slash, blood, flame, burn, flare, spark, sword, swordplay, wrestle, color

Status: Homeschooler

Who am I?

More favorite words (!!!!): Imagination, fiction, glare, energy, blast, explosion, exterminate, orangutan, silver, blade, shard, raxacoricofallapatorius, blaze, crackle, cinder, ash, freedom, music, vagabond, adventure, wanderer, cow, monkey, tiger, contemplation, glory, alien, annihilation, tide, sticky, pizzazz, sugar, ahhhhhhhh!, wild, bungee, maestro, flint, gorilla, flamingo, stalker, crest, trickle, giggle, flash, squabby, tinker, echo, shadow, snub, snoop, snur, shock, fly, wade, foam, speedily, scabbard, simultaneously, pure, passion, zeal, psycho, psych, tear, telepathy, philosophical, food, smiley, plop, allons-y, fusion, Chrysler, sync, awkward, clumsy, mysterious, intense, puffer, radiant, pseudonym, thistle, deadline, ecstatic, troposphere, dope, goof, random, hobbit, spelunking, claustrophobic, cotton-headed-niggy-muggins, scarlet, Savior, hero, spiffy, bafoobala (I made that up), Czechoslovakia, slur, phenomenon, trinket, drat, jibber-jabber, stride, whisper, discombobulated, itemization, shout, thrust, coingkedink,  gobsmacked, banana, mustachioed, somniloquence, exuberance, vigorous, vigorously, lederhosen, extrapolate, elaborate, kenspeckle, pulchritudinous, garbanzo, crimson, cruciation, invigorate, paradisiacal, incommensurable, crystallize,  lilliputian, defenestration, wildfire, highlander, Scotland, sloshed, hyper-venerating, stethoscope, voluptuous, wildly, gypped, Tittabawassee, climax, jubilant, euphoric, conglomeration, acrylic, floccinaucinihilipilification, epic, emphatic, flibbertigibbet, lollapalooza, ninnyhammer, philately, Caligynephobia, bindlestiff, winkiestink, excruciatingly, nougat, Luposlipaphobia , minimum, Anatidaephobia, kryptonite, ogle, hope, spicket, timeless, woebegone, historicity, falsifiable, noob, cynical, splendid, thwart, conqueror,

I have a lot of favorite words.

"Who am I?" the tab says. Who am I? I'm the second child of six. I'm the daughter of Sara Hays and Daniel Jakubiec, sister to Anna Jakubiec. But more importantly, I'm a child of the Living God and...sister to Anna Jakubiec. I live in the suburbs and though I love it, I feel isolated. But at least I still get to do stuff. Sometimes. I hate obsessions. Period. I'm absolutely insane and I love to meet new people and make friends, no matter how grim (and sometimes intimidating) I may seem. I used carry a hammer in my backpack, but it caused a problem, and I took it out 'cause I didn't want anymore unwanted trouble. I play piano, guitar, ukelele, and djembe. I enjoy singing and playing sports, especially softball and soccer, and am at least decent at them. I consider myself short, but some people think that 5'6" is tall. I'm a sucker for corny jokes, but can actually be funny if I'm not having a loopy day. I'm usually carefree, but am able to get serious when need arises. My favorite animal is the tiger. Because they rock. My favorite colors are blood red, black, and tiger/sunset orange...at some point in my life, I'll probably ask everybody I know what their favorite color is. I have phrases for the week every week. It's amusing and kinda stupid, but hey, that's why I have them. I record them in a file on my computer so I can refer back to them. Also, if you find it vital to know, I like Doctor Who. And that's pretty much all you need to know about me. Or all I feel like typing. One or the other.




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