To Live or Die: Prologue and Segment One

Fiction By Emily Grace // 5/17/2011

To Live or Die

The third book in the Disliked by the King Series



To Kaleigh Kuhns,

my forever friend and buddy. Who always knew how to describe me in her own books, and who knew how to make me feel loved.


And to Camp Barakel.

Which gave me the opportunity to meet Kaleigh.

“Where God has blessed.”


And special thanks to Keaton Washburn. Because without him, this story would have never been written.





Every book needs a beginning, just as every story needs an end. Unless it’s a good story, in which it should live on and on and on. In your imagination, and in your dreams. It should live on in the very air you breathe. If it’s a good story.

So, as I start this book, I am retelling the story that my dreams have told my imagination. And that my imagination has told me. And what I have told to my hands. And what my hands have typed down on this very paper.

This is the story of a girl. A girl and her best friend.A girl and her best friend and a boy that they meet. The girl is Madison and William’s daughter and her friend is the granddaughter of Sir Gabe the Fake Knight himself. The boy is just a boy.

The girl’s name is Kaleigh.

The friend’s name is Bobby.

And the boy’s name is Keaton.

Pretty simple if you think about it.

Kaleigh, Bobby, and Keaton.

Let the story begin.


Segment One

To Name a Weapon


Kaleigh ran through the camp and into a small tent where a dirty-blond haired girl with fiery blue eyes was sitting on her knees. In the girl’s hands were two swords, each with a small attachment to the silver hilts.

“Are you done with it yet?” Kaleigh asked, pulling her own curly, short, golden blond hair out of her face.

“Just about,” the girl said, putting the two attachments on the hilts together and snapping them in place.

“Let’s try it out then,” Kaleigh prodded excitedly. The girl stood up and grabbed the weapon. The two girls ran swiftly out of the camp and into a small open area with only a few trees surrounding.

“This is going to be good,” the girl said, putting both hands on the attached hilts of the swords. She started fighting the air with it by swinging the swords around like Darth Maul would with a double light saber.

“Bobby, let me try!” Kaleigh said, eyes wide. Bobby handed over the weapon and let Kaleigh try. Kaleigh started doing the same thing as Bobby, only a lot sloppier.

“You’re doing it wrong,” Bobby said, laughing.

“Well, sorry, but it’s kind of heavy,” Kaleigh snapped.

“Then spread your hands further apart on the hilt,” Bobby said, walking over to Kaleigh and showing her. “Like this.”

“Ohhh, now I get it.”

Bobby sighed and shook her head. “Now try it.”

“Okay,” Kaleigh said, putting her hands on the hilt correctly. She started using it better, although it was still sloppier than Bobby. “What are you going to call it?” Kaleigh asked.

“I dunno. I’d have to think about it and I hate thinking.”

Kaleigh laughed.

After hours of testing (it was dark out), Bobby and Kaleigh left the plain and went back to the camp.

Probably to sleep.



I love it!

I love it! I loved the prologue! LOL! Very Creative! I laughed! And I mostly like to to laugh ;-)!


WELCOME TO AP!!!!! lol! i'm surprised that no one else has welcomed you yet! WE should have a party! A welcome party! LOL!

Nice to meet you! I'm Kassady! Though, I think  you already know me, sense you were the one to comment on one of my posts first! That's a good start on this site! Make a lot of friends by reading a lot of stuff!

Do have any friends on here that you already know? That introduced you to here? There is a Kaleigh here! Is she the same?

LOL! I think you might be the first person I know to carry a hammer in your backpack! hehehe!



Write on!

Kassady | Fri, 05/20/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


Lol, I'm all for it! :)

Umm....well, Anna is my sister, and I know Kyleigh and I've heard a lot about James. And Jemiteaser is my cousin, and so is Abby (but I don't think she really writes here). And I know Paul Mcmillin, but I don't think he writes here either. I don't think it's the same Kaleigh since the one I'm talking about isn't homeschooled.

The hammer in the backpack started sometime last year when I decided it would be good for selfdefense.

I plan to write on! :)

Emily Grace | Fri, 05/20/2011


Yay! You're on AP now!!! :) 

I love the name of the series, love the name of the chapter... love the prologue and your frank writing style.
"I'd have to think about it and I hate thinking." <-- that almost sounds like Princess Bride. ;) ... naming things is so hard. Our piano still doesn't have a name, and I still can't decide between Pachelbel and Alamo for my camera.
I'm interested in hearing what the name of the swords will be, if they ever do get named.

... some day I'll try to bring you a djembe. Somehow.
5'6" is tall, my dear. And you make it seem taller, especially when you hover over the couch at night. ;)
... and by the way, I've posted the prologue to the Apples to Apples story on here ("An Introduction." ) but I haven't really written any more.

Kyleigh | Sat, 05/21/2011


Yeah, I've been waiting for my own email adress so I could join...because Anna took my mom's. :)

My style of writing has never been called frank before, but now that I look over some things I've written, it is indeed! The first book in the series is called The Life of One Disliked by the King, so I figured it would make sense. And it has a better ring than the Outlaw Series, which was it's name when I was uncreative. =] Since the book is the third in the series, feel free to ask any questions.

Some day I'll thank you for the djembe. Somehow.

And yeah, I guess it would make me seem taller when it's DARK....I think you're just short. :) And I read the introduction, and commented. And it was great!

Emily Grace | Sat, 05/21/2011

 LOL :) I love the name Sir

 LOL :) I love the name Sir Gabe the Fake Knight. And I'm interested to see where this is going. Keep on writing, and welcome to AP!

Laura Elizabeth | Sun, 05/22/2011

The best stories are those that are focused, unassuming, and self-confident enough to trust the reader to figure things out. --

Aha, nothing can stop me from

Aha, nothing can stop me from reading your stories now! :P :) I'm glad I convinced you to join, in the end... Anyway, this is really funny. Now I'm going to know who you're talking about when you ask for my advice.

Anna | Mon, 05/23/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

Haha! :)

That prologue was absolutely epic :) I was AWESOMENESS!!! Randomness is always halarious, and that was random!

Hammers in backpacks are a clever idea...I should try that! :D Welcome to AP! I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your story. I really like it so far! 


P.S. Kass is right! AP needs a welcome comittee! haha

Madeline | Tue, 05/24/2011

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way


Thanks! I enjoy writing this has many different feels to it, so it doesn't get tiring to write. Even though I guess it has some slow spots. I'm a very random person. Random is like my middle name. Well, one of them; I have a lot of middle names. Feel free to ask any questions you may have as the story goes on - it is the third book in a trilogy.

YAY!!! Someone actually agrees with me about the hammer!!! Woohoo!!! Yeah!! Everyone else just gets really creeped out. I'm glad you think it's clever! Now I have to go tell all my friends!


Emily Grace | Tue, 05/24/2011

Hello Emily

Since I haven't said it yet, welcome to Apricotpie!  I enjoyed reading this.  I'll have to read the next two installments now.  And I was reading your profile... I thought something was familiar about the personality in it.  And then I came to the part where you revealed you were Anna's sister.  "Aha!"  I thought.  "That explains it."  There is something definitely Jakubiec-ish about the way you write.  If I may say so.  :)

Also, when in doubt, name things after famous animals from literature.  For example, a friend of mine had an old white pick-up he named Moby Dick.  Not to be outdone, I named my small white Ford escort Shadowfax.

James | Sat, 06/04/2011

"The idea that we should approach science without a philosophy is itself a philosophy... and a bad one, because it is self-refuting." -- Dr. Jason Lisle


Thanks! Anna and I do write somewhat alike, even though she prefers romance and I like action/adventure. At least we both like comedy. :)

Right. Of course. But then it would be stealing from someone else's book. Not to mention I already have the name picked out. I've had it for a pretty long time, actually...before I started writing the book. I tend to plan things out WAY ahead...For example, I had the ending of the book after writing the third chapter of it.

Emily Grace | Sat, 06/04/2011