To Live or Die: Segment Eight

Fiction By Emily Grace // 12/1/2011

Segment Eight
That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

Keaton was thrown into the dungeon and chained heavily. The thick shackles immediately began to cut into his skin. He leaned his head against the wall and looked upward, then at the window.
Small as it was, it didn’t give much light, but it was nice to be able to see his hand in front of his face.
Of course, to make his day worse, it started raining. Right there, in front of his very green eyes, it started to pour rain, shielding the setting sun.
“Aww, rain again?” said a voice. “I’ve been in here for two days, and all it does it rain. Rain, rain, rain! Never sun; always rain. I could use a little more light in here! I would like to exercise my eyes before I go blind, thank you very muchly!”
Keaton looked to his right. A little ways off, someone sat in the darkness.
But not just any someone.
An important someone.
He immediately recognized the voice as Kaleigh’s.
“Kaleigh?” he asked confusedly. The small figure turned towards him slightly.
“Keaton,” Kaleigh replied. “What are doing here?”
“I should be asking you that!” Keaton said, happy tears filling his eyes to the brim. “I thought you were dead!”
“What?” Kaleigh asked. “Didn’t Bobby tell you that I had gone? I told her to.”
“Yeah, but a Crest was hanged yesterday, we were there. We thought it was you. We came late and then we were forced to the back of the crowd that had gathered so we couldn’t actually see the body,” Keaton explained. “Bobby and I cried all night!”
“You thought I was dead?”
“Yeah, and Bobby still does!” Keaton said, overflowing with joy.
“And you were crying?” Kaleigh said excitedly.
“Of course I was.”
Kaleigh’s eyes brightened up and she smiled.
“But you’re not dead!” Keaton continued. “ And – Wait…if you didn’t get hanged, but a Crest did…who died?”
Kaleigh lowered her eyes. Keaton crawled closer.
“What’s wrong?” he asked. Kaleigh looked up.
“My brother – Brodie Crest – died,” she answered.
“You had a brother?”
“Yes. He was captured in the war two years before I met you. We all thought he was dead, but I guess not. Well…now he is.”
Keaton put a hand on her shoulder. Kaleigh shook her frown off and smiled.
“It’s okay. We got to talk a bit. Oh…and don’t tell Bobby about it.”
Keaton furrowed his eyebrows.
“Why not?” he asked. Kaleigh’s eyes wandered around the dungeon.
“Um…just don’t. I’ll take care of it,” she finished quickly. Keaton nodded his head slowly and leaned against the wall next to Kaleigh.
“So…we’re captured, it’s raining, your brother’s dead, we’ll probably die tomorrow, and Bobby’s our only hope – can’t get much worse than that.”
Kaleigh nodded her head in agreement.
Just then the dungeon door opened and another person was thrown in, but not chained.
“Stupid Rainwater girl,” the knight threw over his shoulder as he left.
“Well…you can’t fly either!” the girl said with a scowl. Keaton’s shoulders dropped and he sighed.
“I spoke too soon.”

“Bobby!” Keaton shouted. “What – why – how – ah! You were our only hope of getting out of here!”
Bobby looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
“Our only hope?” she asked, taking a step closer to him. Keaton nodded and pointed his thumb backwards towards Kaleigh. Kaleigh smiled, lifted her hand as best she could, and waved.
Bobby’s eyes widened, then narrowed, then she raised her eyebrow, then furrowed them, and then clicked her tongue and put her hands on her hips and said, “Well, you’re supposed to be dead!”
She sounded offended. Kaleigh’s smile dropped.
“Are you telling me that I cried for nothing?!” Bobby continued. “I mean, seriously, who tricks their best friend and lover into thinking that they’re dead?! No one!”
Kaleigh looked at Bobby oddly. Bobby returned the look. Kaleigh smiled cleverly.
“You cried?” she said, the smile still on her face. Bobby looked at the door and back.
“…you could put it that way…I guess.”
Kaleigh chuckled. Then Keaton, who had been processing Bobby’s words, spoke up.
“Lover?” he asked them.
“What?” Kaleigh and Bobby asked together.
“Bobby said ‘friend and lover’,” Keaton said, eyeing them both carefully. Bobby cleared her throat.
“I said that?” she asked quietly. Keaton nodded his head slowly.
“Yes,” he answered.
Kaleigh turned bright red; of course, you couldn’t see it very well in that light.
“Sooooo,” Keaton said to her. “I’ve been promoted, eh?”
Kaleigh looked down. Bobby chuckled.
“Actually,” she replied. “Kaleigh liked you since the day you met. I would know; I had to listen to her dreamy voice and see her twirl around. It wasn’t pretty.”
“Bobby!” Kaleigh shouted, obviously embarrassed.
“Sorry,” Bobby said, looking down.


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