To Live or Die: Segment Eleven

Fiction By Emily Grace // 2/21/2012

Segment Eleven
A Daunting Mishap

The next morning after they got up and ate, Keaton, Kaleigh, and Bobby remounted their horses and headed towards Goldbrook (a war camp about two days journey from Silverbeak).
They had been riding for about a half day when they stopped at a creak to get a drink, to water their horses, and to eat a bite.
But, of course, their ride to Goldbrook was delayed when seven bandits crossed their path on mounts and threatened them.
“And how do you suppose you halt us,” Keaton asked, “with nothing to threaten us with? We’re warriors – we can fight you.”
“That sword the girl has slung to her horse,” one of the bandits said, pointing to Sawyer’s sword. “We have the owner.”
“No, our cow,” the bandit said, dismounting his horse.
Bobby dismounted her own horse and started to approach the thieves.
“And what are you going to do about it?” the bandit asked. “You’re just a small, single person. And female at that! A thief and a murderer – that’s what you are! You’re loyal only to evil and you obey the orders of the dark. You’re a criminal; you deserve to die slowly and painfully. And what a great day that will be! You may have fighting skills, but against us you’d be dead in a second. Your friends would desert you – they aren’t your companions! Nobody likes you!”
Bobby swallowed the insults he hurled at her one by one, chewing them slowly, so she wouldn’t choke on the anger.
What he was telling her she feared almost as much as the cage; to be friendless – to see her peers abandon her.
“And what’s more,” the bandit laughed. “I’ve got your friend tied up real good. And you can’t do nothing about it.”
Bobby’s face turned red with anger. Kaleigh could almost see smoke pouring out of her ears.
She kept it all inside, but once the bandit had his back turned, Bobby couldn’t help but pounce.
She ran at full speed towards him and leapt. She flew about three yards before wrapping her arms around his waist, her head she pressed against his gut. They hit the ground with a thud.
Bobby scrambled on top of him and started to hit him in the face multiple times.
The bandit, still in shock, was paralyzed on the ground. He finally found his voice and shouted to the other bandits – six in count.
“Get her off me! Get her off!!”
Three bandits dismounted their horses and ran towards their leader. Two grabbed Bobby by the arms and pulled her off him.
Bobby struggled against them, but they were too strong. The third bandit took Disheveled (her long-knife) from her belt and threw it on the ground.
“Just hold her!” the leader shouted. “Hold her there!”
They held Bobby securely four inches off the earth.
The bandit balled his fists tightly and dealt a heavy punch in Bobby’s stomach. So hard was the hit that the men were forced to let go and Bobby reeled to the ground.
They started to kick Bobby – beating her bloody. Keaton ran into the fight and pulled one man away from her, but the leader helped him.
With two on Keaton and two on Bobby, Kaleigh was dead as to what to do.She was scared out of her wits. Her brain wasn’t working and she could only stare.
When she finally realized what was going on she tried to help Bobby, but the remaining two bandits, who were holding the horses, saw Kaleigh and immediately went for her. They grabbed her by the arms and dragged her back to the stallions. One bound her hands, Kaleigh screaming the whole time, and then pulled her up onto one of the horses.
“C’mon!” said the other to the rest. “Let’s go! Just leave the outlaws to die! We need to get out of here!”
The other bandits stopped fighting and, mounting their steeds, galloped away with Kaleigh, leaving Keaton on his knees, bent over and holding his gut with head down, and Bobby lying on her side, motionless – blood dripping from her head.


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