To Live or Die: Segment Four

Fiction By Emily Grace // 6/14/2011

Segment Five

Kaleigh tiptoed her way along the brook’s edge, being very careful as to not fall off.
The water was exceptionally warm on her bare feet and the sun’s light glimmered on the ridges of the wet rocks and the ripples in the water.
“What a wonderful day,” she said to herself. Then a finger was felt on her shoulder and she tumbled into the brook. “At least it was…”
She looked up. Bobby stood there gazing down at Kaleigh and smiling.
“What a birthday present.”
“Well, you’re fifteen now, just thought you might want some kind of gift.”
“You’re a great birthday present giver,” Kaleigh said sarcastically.
“It’s one of my greatest talents,” Bobby replied. Keaton snuck up behind her and made a pushing motion, but when he shoved her, she turned around quickly, grabbed him and used him to get back up without touching the water. She also caused him to lose his balance and he, like Kaleigh, fell into the brook. Bobby looked at him with a smile and shrugged. “Surprise!”
“How do you do that?”
“Have you ever heard of peripheral vision?”
“No,” Kaleigh and Keaton said simultaneously.
“It means that I can see out of the corner of eye, and I saw you sneak up on me. Plus I have good reflexes.So…surprise!”
“Well, that ruins my present,” Keaton said.
“Which was?” Bobby asked.
“A Bobby scream.”
“Yeah, sure. You might have noticed I’m not the one to scream; I’d probably just punch you.”
“You would,” Keaton said. “After you screamed.”
“Shut up. You know I wouldn’t scream.”
“Yeah, I know, I just think you should scream. It’s not fair that you don’t scream when you get scared.”
“She doesn’t get scared,” Kaleigh said.
“Yeah,” Bobby agreed, crossing her arms. “I don’t get scared.”
“My point exactly,” Keaton said.
“I’m sure you can find her another gift,” Bobby said. “Besides, that wasn’t my real present anyway.”
“Then what is it?” Kaleigh asked excitedly.
“Come with me,” Bobby said, hopping of the rock she was standing on and running off.
Kaleigh and Keaton stood up, sloshed out of the brook (Keaton shook his hair) and followed Bobby.
Bobby ran swiftly back to the camp, Keaton and Kaleigh on her heels.
“First,” Bobby said, halting them outside of her tent. “I convinced Gibbs to let us fight in the war.”
“Sweet!” Kaleigh said high-fiving Bobby.
“Second…” Bobby went into her tent and brought out a glistening shield.
It was half Kaleigh’s size. Gold rimmed the silver plate. A giant black hawk was shown in the middle of the triangular shaped block of metal.
“And…” Bobby gave her a horn.
It was made from ivory and was brimmed with bronze. The design carved into it resembled something like blooming flowers.  
“This…is…freakin’ awesome!” Kaleigh exclaimed.
“I thought you might say that, so I’m giving you something even better.”
“Four gifts?” Keaton asked.
“Five, if you count the ‘surprise!’” Bobby said. She returned to the tent and brought out something that was covered in a large, blue, silk cloth. She handed it to Kaleigh. Kaleigh unwrapped the item and was left gazing mouth open at a beautiful sword.
Made of steel and silver, the blade was about two inches wide and around three feet long. The hilt was golden and had amethysts welded into it.
“This is…freakin’ awesomer!”
Bobby gave a toothy smile.
“Not fair!” Keaton exclaimed.
“What’s not fair?” Bobby asked.  “I’m her best friend; I’m allowed to give exceptionally great gifts. Oh, and, by the way, I made this stuff.”
“You’re kidding me!” Kaleigh shouted. “How long were you isolated in your tent?”
“Well, I started working on the stuff after we met Keaton, so…a month and a half?”
“Yeah, something like that,” Keaton said, still staring at the sword.
Now, in the last “month and a half”, Bobby had learned to get along with Keaton enough to call him a friend. So…well, I was about to say she won’t be beating him up anymore, but that’s a rotten lie. Anyway, on with the story.
“Where did you get the stuff to make it?” Keaton asked.
“Well…to be honest, I stole them.”
“You stole them?”
“Why not? I’ve already been outlawed! It doesn’t any get better than that,” Bobby answered.
Kaleigh and Keaton looked at each other and rolled their eyes.
“What?” Bobby asked. “It’s true!”
And it is true.


If you had no moral compass,

If you had no moral compass, you would BE Bobby.

Anna | Fri, 06/17/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


That's the point, sis. :):):)

Emily Grace | Fri, 06/17/2011


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