To Live or Die: Segment Fourteen

Fiction By Emily Grace // 4/17/2012

Segment Fourteen
Chaos, Panic, Disorder

Bobby, however, was still unconscious, terribly ill, and drenched in sweat.
When Keaton, Sawyer, and Kaleigh arrived, General Conkeestador met them outside of her tent.
“Well, how is she?” Keaton asked.
“She’s gotten worse every day. She slips in and out of consciousness constantly. She has a high fever and her stomach pains have spread to her head and chest as well. She’s also completely delirious! She’s started whispering some boy’s name – Brodie or something – whenever she’s awake. I’m afraid for her. She hasn’t been eating or drinking and she refuses to see anyone. Gibbs came down here anyways, though. Don’t know where he is now…”
Kaleigh had stopped listening altogether when the general mentioned Brodie. She repeated the name quietly, looked at the entrance of Bobby’s tent, and stared blankly.
Keaton looked at Kaleigh confusedly – he had thought back to the dungeon and remembered when Kaleigh had talked about Brodie, and then told him not to tell Bobby about it.
Sawyer kept listening, though he had gotten jealous when Brodie was brought up.
“…I’ve set up a curtain between where you are to sleep and where Bobby is sleeping – whatever she’s got, I don’t want you to get it. Kaleigh?”
Keaton nudged her. She jerked back to life.
“There’s a curtain between where you’re to sleep and where Bobby’s sleeping. I would have you in a different tent, but I don’t have any other extras.”
“Oh,” Kaleigh stuttered. “Of course, yeah.”
“Are you okay?” Sawyer asked.
“Mmhmm, yeah, I’m fine.” And she dismissed any further thought on the subject.

That night, while in her bed, Kaleigh tried to sleep. But every time she closed her eyes, her ears became aware of Bobby’s moaning and tossing and turning.
Kaleigh began to sweat, but whether it was because it was hot out, or from sheer terror, she couldn’t guess.She clenched her blanket tightly and shut her eyes, but the only thing she could concentrate on was the groaning coming from her dear friend. And when she could think about something else, it was her brother, and that just led her straight back to Bobby.
Then she heard a shout.
Kaleigh jumped out of her bed and flung the curtain aside.
Bobby was out of control. She was thrashing and screaming like a wild banshee.
Kaleigh dashed to her and tried to pin her to the cot, but her grip kept getting over thrown by Bobby’s fists and arms.Bobby’s eyes were shut tightly like she was having a nightmare. Kaleigh, however, was living one.
“Keaton! Keaton, help me!” she yelled desperately.
Sawyer was awakened by her shouts. He sat up and shook his head to wake himself further, then shook Keaton awake.
“Keaton, do you hear that?” he asked. Keaton rubbed his eyes.
“Is that…Kaleigh?” Keaton asked. They both stood there for a second and then looked at each other, both of their minds clicking.
“Bobby!” they said in unison.They rushed into the tent to see Kaleigh, still trying to restrain Bobby.Keaton and Sawyer dashed to Kaleigh’s aid and each grabbed part of Bobby – Keaton her arms, Sawyer her legs.
Kaleigh backed away as the boys fought to keep Bobby down. She was so scared that tears streaked down her cheeks.
But Bobby would not yield, and in the end, Keaton was forced to call upon Sawyer to help hold her shoulders and arms down while he cranked his arm back and, with all his strength, hit the side of Bobby’s head with the bottom of his palm.
Every one of Bobby’s limbs fell lifeless to the cot. She was once again unconscious.
Keaton and Sawyer both looked over at Kaleigh – who was still silently crying. Their breaths were heavy. Kaleigh looked at Keaton, then at Sawyer, then at Bobby, then back at Keaton. She rushed to him and wrapped her arms around him tightly. He froze for a minute, then embraced her back.
“Go to sleep,” he whispered.



But in the second-to-last paragraph... I don't think "lifeless" means what you think it means. :)

Anna | Thu, 05/03/2012

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


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