To Live or Die: Segment Nine

Fiction By Emily Grace // 12/19/2011

Segment Nine
A Well-Done Sort of Getaway

They stayed there overnight, thinking of ways to escape, but they concluded that their only hope was now Sawyer Warwick and Captain Bryce Gibbs.
Bobby sighed.
“What?” Kaleigh asked.
“Well we’re only in a dungeon awaiting death. And our only hope to get out of it is Gibbs, who has enough to handle, and Sawyer – a hotheaded, impulsive boy. I guess it’s not that bad.”
Kaleigh looked at her hard and said, “Sawyer is hardly hotheaded! And you’re being really pessimistic!”
“What was I supposed to say?” Bobby asked. “‘Oh, nothing’s wrong, Kaleigh. How could anything be when you’re my best friend?’”
Kaleigh rolled her eyes playfully. “Well…yeah!”
Bobby gave her ‘the look’, a thing she aced at.
“How did you get in here?” Keaton asked. Bobby shrugged.
“Well, I, of course, saw you leave Blackhawk, so I followed you. And then I saw you fall, I laughed, I heard the knights, I left, I noticed you weren’t behind me, I went back, you were gone, the knights were heading for me…yeah.”
“You laughed when I fell?” Keaton asked.
“It was funny, okay?!”
“Yeah, and it hurt too!”
“It’s your own darn fault for tripping!”
“Would you guys stop!?” Kaleigh cut in. They both looked at her. “Thank you.”
“Who died?” Bobby asked after some silence. Kaleigh and Keaton both looked at her.
“Huh?” Kaleigh asked.
“Who died?” Bobby repeated. “You apparently didn’t.”
“Um…someone else…with the same last name, I guess,” Kaleigh said awkwardly. Bobby raised an eyebrow.
“With the same last name?”
“Yeah,” Kaleigh assured. “If you go looking, I’m sure you can find someone with your last name.”
Bobby looked at her weirdly.
“That also happens to be a descendant of Stevie Hood and Matthew Fulton?”
Kaleigh glanced at Keaton. In last minute panic, she pointed to the ceiling.
“Look, a beached whale!” she shouted. Bobby looked up.
She looked back at Kaleigh.
“Wait…what the heck is a beached whale?”
“A whale on the beach?”
Bobby walked over to the iron door of the dungeon and peeped out through a slit in the door.
“It’s too dark to see anything. Jeez, do they have to make it so dark up here?”
“Apparently,” Keaton replied.
“Shut up, I wasn’t asking you,” Bobby said, walking back to them. She sat on the other side of Kaleigh and hugged her knees.
Keaton leaned over to Kaleigh and whispered something, and Bobby looked over at them – she put her face right next to the back of Kaleigh’s head.
Kaleigh thought the comment was funny and laughed, then turned her head back around, was startled by Bobby (whose face was right up to hers), screamed, and toppled backwards – lunging into Keaton and making him fall as well.
As they untangled themselves, Bobby smiled and stood up mumbling, “Works every time.”
She looked up at the small window. It was now clear out – night, but clear – so she could see some stars here and there.
She turned around.
“Is there any way to get up there?” she asked them. Keaton and Kaleigh, who had just finished untangling themselves, shrugged.
“Why?” Keaton asked.
“I don’t know. This is my first time being in the dungeon without being chained...I want to do something.”
Kaleigh crossed her arms. Bobby rolled her eyes.
“Okay,” she added. “It’s my first time being in the dungeon period, thing is –”
A metal clang hit the wall outside.
They all looked at the window. Keaton noticed high hanging chains below it.
“The chains,” he said. “Maybe you can use those to get up.”
Bobby studied the chains and bit her lower lip.
She went to the farthest end of the dungeon and ran towards the wall with the window. She jumped and grabbed the chains, then pulled herself up so that she could grab the bars of the window and look out.
“Hey!” she called back to them. “Sawyer’s down there!” she turned back to the window. “Hi!”
Sawyer put a finger to his lips.
“Oh! Sorry!” Bobby shouted out the window to him. Sawyer ran his hand across his neck. “Oh!” Bobby whispered. “Sorry!”
Sawyer slapped his hand to his forehead. Bobby smiled playfully.
“I’m going to shoot this arrow up there!” Sawyer said quietly. “You tie the rope to something strong, okay?”
“What?” Bobby asked. But it was too late; Sawyer was knocking an arrow to a bow. A long rope was tied to it.
Bobby leaped down and said, “Heads up!” as the arrow came shooting into the dungeon from the window.
Bobby grabbed the arrow and strung it threw lots of free chains, tying it into a giant knot afterwards, and then lifted herself back up to the window.
“Okay, you’re good to come up…wait…why’re you coming up? The window is too small to climb through.”
Sawyer pulled out an iron key…yes! He must’ve taken a shift as a jailor when he was still in service to the king – he had the key to the locks!
Sawyer climbed up the rope hand-over-hand with the key in his mouth. When he got to the top, he slid the key through the bars to Bobby.
“You’re a life saver, Warwick,” Bobby said gratefully, then added, “…literally.”
“I’ll say ‘you’re welcome’ if you get out there alive,” Sawyer replied.
“Thanks for the extra pressure,” Bobby answered. Sawyer smiled and slid back down the rope carefully.
Bobby lowered herself down and unchained Keaton and Kaleigh, then they walked to the door and Bobby slid her arm out the small empty space that was used for getting plates of food in and out of the dungeon without opening the door.
She felt around a little and then stuck the key in the lock. She twisted it and slowly opened the door.
It creaked every inch it went, but the trio finally slipped out of the dungeon.
They raced down the stairs silently and Keaton looked around the bend when they reached the bottom.
“There are guards posted around the gate to the portcullis, but I can’t tell if it’s open or not,” he whispered.
“How did Sawyer get in?” Kaleigh asked Bobby.
“I don’t know,” Bobby whispered. Then she looked around. “Where is Sawyer?”
“Wasn’t he by the window of the dungeon?” Keaton asked.
“Yeeeeeeah,” Bobby replied.
They slipped around to the other side of the dungeon. Sawyer was leaning against the wall waiting for them.
When he saw them, he waved them over. They ran to him and Kaleigh asked, “How’d you get in?”
“There’s an old passageway in the west tower of the castle – underground, of course – for the King to use if he ever needs to get out of the palace. It’s connected to a tunnel that the knights sometimes use for a quicker way to leave the castle walls. It’s over there,” Sawyer said, pointing a ways to their right. “Follow me.”
They jogged vigorously over to the wall and Sawyer shuffled his hand around the tower. He found a loose brick and pulled it out. Under it was a small knot-like-knob.
He pressed it in and turned it. A small part of the wall rotated as the knob did.
“Okay, everyone in…hurry!”
Keaton led the way, followed by Kaleigh and then Bobby. Sawyer brought up the rear and once inside, closed the hidden door with a knot within the tunnel.
They trudged on for about twenty minutes, Keaton, Bobby, and Sawyer crouched over because of the passageway’s lack of height. Kaleigh however, could stand up straight. When being short comes in handy, she thought.
They had been walking for over a half hour when Keaton ran into a dirt wall – it was very dark. Then Kaleigh ran into him and Bobby into her. Sawyer, on the other hand, who knew the tunnel, stayed a good distance away from them and avoided running into anyone.
“Kaleigh!” Bobby shouted.
“It wasn’t me, it was Keaton!” Kaleigh yelled back.
“Keaton!” Bobby shouted.
“It’s a dead end!” he called back to them defensively. Sawyer rolled his eyes.
“Above you!” he called up front. “There’s a trapdoor.”
“Oh,” Keaton said quietly. He reached above him and felt around until his hands clutched an iron handle. He turned it carefully and pushed it. It didn’t budge. “It’s stuck!”
“Use more force, then!” Bobby said in an annoyed tone.
“And hurry up; my body is aching due to my position!” Sawyer added.
Keaton sighed and turned the handle again. This time, he braced his head and shoulder onto the door and jumped upwards. The door gave way and flew open.
Small clumps of dirt and rock fell from the trap door as it opened and fresh air filled the tunnel.
Keaton drew a large breath and heaved himself up. Then he offered his hand and helped Kaleigh up, who was too short to reach the opening above her.
Bobby, on the other hand, pretended she didn’t see Keaton’s hand and pulled herself up, though it was more like she jumped right out of the hole as she flew upwards.
Sawyer accepted Keaton’s hand and after his feet hit the ground, he turned around and shut the door using a big iron ring that was attached to the wood. He then covered the door up with some leaves and grass.
The group looked around and found themselves in a small wood, near to the castle. They could see the dirty moat that surrounded Skyeblown and the closed portcullis and the raised drawbridge.
“Well,” Kaleigh said. “That was fun…kindof.”
They laughed.
“Actually,” Bobby inputted. “Jail Break is now my favorite game.”
Keaton looked confused.
“What was your favorite game before?” he asked her.
“Draw Sword And Kill Twerp,” Bobby answered.
“I should’ve known.”
They laughed again.


Draw Sword and Kill Twerp

Object achieved.

Other favorite line: "Look, a beached whale!" Greeeeat way to distract someone from finding out [retracted]

Anna | Thu, 01/19/2012

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


 So glad they're out... and thanks for making me laugh first thing in the morning. :)

Kyleigh | Tue, 01/17/2012


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