To Live or Die: Segment Ten

Fiction By Emily Grace // 1/18/2012

Segment Ten
To Laugh to Interesting Topic

Kaleigh and Bobby chased each other all around the grassy field. The sun was held high up over the trees that stood tall and proud over the bright green grass that had grown to Kaleigh’s knees. Clouds accompanied a very blue sky which a few birds flew across.
Sometimes, Kaleigh and Bobby would lead each other in circles. Sometimes they’d run straight for miles.
Uphill and downhill, straight or in circles, they chased each other for hours.
Weaponless and shoeless, they ran over the field. Until they sprinted downhill, Kaleigh chasing, and Kaleigh tripped and flew into Bobby, and they both rolled down the hill laughing so hard they ended up paralyzed on the ground when they reached the bottom.
They were laughing so hard that no noise came out and they ended up just lying there, clapping like retarded seals.
Kaleigh found the strength to roll over and fling her arm onto Bobby’s stomach.
“You’re it,” she sputtered through fits of laughter.
Then Kaleigh, still laughing, got up and started running, but tripped over herself and fell back down – which only made her laugh even harder. It made Bobby laugh more too.
In fact, Bobby was holding her sides and kicking her legs repetitively. She was laughing so hard she started to gurgle.
Kaleigh crawled over to her, temporarily postponing her laughter.
She grabbed Bobby’s shoulders and shook her violently.
“Are you breathing?” she asked. Bobby shook her head.
“Breathe, girl, breathe!” she shouted. “Don’t die to me, don’t die to me!” Then she threw her head back, let her tongue hang out of her mouth and said, “Bleh!”
Of course, that didn’t help – Bobby was now laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her cheeks. Kaleigh’s eyes widened.
“Are you crying?” she asked. Bobby nodded. “Breathe! Breathe!”
Kaleigh pulled Bobby up onto her knees. After a few minutes, Bobby conquered her laughter.
She sat there with Kaleigh, gasping for air.
“And by the way,” Bobby said. She touched Kaleigh on the shoulder. “You’re it.”
They smiled and almost started laughing again, when Keaton ran down the hill and raced over to them.
“Whoa,” he said when he saw their faces, which had turned bright red while laughing. “What happened to you?”
Bobby and Kaleigh looked at each other and then broke into laughter again.
Maybe never to stop.


“Girls?” Keaton asked.
They kept laughing.
“Girls!?” Keaton asked again.
They laughed more and started to point at him.
“GIRLS!!!” Keaton shouted.
They’re laughter started to die down as they tried to listen to Keaton.
“What is it?” Kaleigh asked him, standing and helping Bobby up.
“It’s Sawyer, he’s missing.”
“Sure he’s not in an outhouse?” Bobby asked, smiling. Keaton rolled his eyes.
“It’s beenway too long for that – the whole of Blackhawk is searching for him.”
“‘The whole of Blackhawk’…it sounds too sophisticated for you,” Bobby replied.
“C’mon and help me find him!” Keaton shouted.
“All right, all right, sheesh…”
“Sheesh yourself, let’s go.”
They ran back to the camp and mounted some horses. They searched until it was dark out, but could not find him anywhere.
They were almost to Silverbeak when they stopped to rest.
“We should stay the night at Silverbeak and then set out tomorrow to look,” Kaleigh said yawning.
“Sure, let’s do that,” Keaton agreed.
“Yeah, let’s. And let’s also – what is that?” Bobby asked looking past Kaleigh.
“What’s what?” Keaton asked, looking in the direction that Bobby was.
“That, there,” she said pointing. “Something reflected the last light of day…there it is again.”
“Yeah, I saw it that time,” Keaton said.
“What did you see?” Kaleigh asked.
“There it is again!” Keaton exclaimed, standing up.
“What do you see?!” Kaleigh asked again.
“I wonder if…” Bobby stood up next to Keaton.
“SAW WHAT!!!” Kaleigh shouted.
Bobby and Keaton both looked at Kaleigh and shushed her.Kaleigh sighed.
Bobby walked over to the object and picked it up.
“It’s a sword…it’s Sawyer’s!”
Keaton and Kaleigh ran over to her and looked at the sword.
“Sure is,” Kaleigh replied.
“Wonder why it’s here,” Keaton said curiously. Bobby sighed.
“Well,” she said. “We’ll find out tomorrow.”


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 Too short! (Like this comment....)

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