To Live or Die: Segment Thirteen

Fiction By Emily Grace // 3/19/2012

Segment Thirteen

Keaton brought his sword down on the snakes’ head when it was only inches from Bobby’s nose.

She collapsed with relief, but didn’t get back up. She was unconscious.


Bobby woke up and slowly opened her eyes, which she could now see perfectly out of.

Keaton walked over to her – he’d been looking for the horses and had just gotten back.

“Hi,” Bobby said emptily. Keaton smiled.

“It’s about time,” he answered. Bobby chuckled.

“Yeah, sorry…I officially hate snakes…”

“I’m sure you do. Now, how’s your stomach?”

“I don’t want to answer that.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’ll make me go back,” Bobby answered.

“Listen,you were beaten up by a gang of thugs, you were unconscious for four hours, then you woke up with a headache, gut wrenching stomach pains, and a limp. Then you rode a horse which got spooked and bolted. And then you almost got bitten by a snake after you hit your head on a rock and lost your eyesight. After that, you collapsed and have been slipping in and out of consciousness all night! I’m bringing you to Goldbrook, and that’s where’ll you’ll stay.”

“Please, Keaton, don’t. I want to help!” Bobby pleaded. Keaton shook his head.

“No, I’m bringing you to Goldbrook; you can stay with General Conkeestador.”

Bobby nodded her head sullenly.

“Can you stand?” Keaton asked.

“I think…” Bobby replied as she propped up her back on the tree behind her. Keaton offered his hand – and for the first time in her life, Bobby took it.


Their horses had run off in shock with all of the food and water, so Keaton and Bobby were forced to go the rest of the way on foot.

Luckily, the tree in front of them was a fruit bearing tree, so they took the fruit and were on their way.

They were there by sundown and were greeted warmly by General Conkeestador and his soon-to-be wife.

Bobby was helped to a tent with a cot and made to rest immediately. Keaton, however, stayed with the General and told their story.

Afterwards, since it was too dark to search for Kaleigh, Keaton slept the night in the General’s tent with him.The next morning, after he had eaten, Keaton visited Bobby.

She was sitting up in the cot, though she still was wrapped in the blanket.

“Feeling any better?” he asked her. She shook her head.

“Nope. But I want to come,” she added.

“Well, you’re not coming. Look,” Keaton said. “I’m going to find Kaleigh – and Sawyer. I promise. And when I do, we’ll come back for you. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, but you’re to stay here until I come back, okay?”

“Okay,” Bobby replied through a sigh.

“Good. I’m going to leave as soon as I get a horse,” Keaton stated as he turned to leave.

“Hey! Wait a minute!”

Keaton spun around.

“Yeah?” he asked. Bobby disconnected Disheveled from her belt and tossed it to him.

“Take that – I want some of my wrath on those no-good rotten banana peels of a gang!”

Keaton smiled.

“Don’t worry,” he assured. “I’ll make sure of that!”

And he was off.






“Well don’t just sit there shouting my name – they’ll hear you – untie me!”

Sawyer laughed and did as Kaleigh said. Once he did, she sat up and exclaimed, “Boy, you should’ve seen Bobby when those bandits told her that you were captured and she couldn’t do anything about it! She waited until his back was turned and WHAM! She leaped onto him and knocked him to the ground! Whoohoo! She was hitting him good…of course, they all ganged up on her and Keaton and captured me and I don’t know where they are or if Bobby’s even alive…”

“What do you mean?” Sawyer asked worriedly. “What happened to her? What did they do?”

“Like I said, they all ganged up on her…she was lying still on the ground with blood dripping from her head when we rode off.”

“She’s dead?”

“I don’t know. It’s hard to do, but when you actually…rap your mind around what our lives would be like without Bobby…it’s amazing. Amazingly empty.”

“If she were to die,” Sawyer said, turning around and facing the wall. “There would be a hole in my life. A hole that only Bobby can fill.”

“…Sawyer, do –”

“You don’t find people like Bobby every day,” Sawyer said through gritted teeth, interrupting Kaleigh’s curiosity. “And when you do meet them…when I met her…”

“Sawyer, do you –”

This time, Kaleigh was interrupted by a blood curling scream and a voice that said, “I thought I finished you off, boy!”

“Keaton!” Kaleigh shouted.


Bobby lay in bed under the covers clutching her stomach tightly. Sweat poured down her face and collected on her brow.

She closed her eyes shut to keep the salty mixture from stinging them.

Bobby took heavy breaths as she fought to stay conscious. But as the pain spread to her chest and head, she slipped into a deep, dark, empty sleep.


Keaton drew his sword and killed another bandit, but the leader fled.

Sawyer and Kaleigh rushed out to help him and were instantly engaged in the fight.

Two had covered Keaton. Sawyer and Kaleigh both took one of their own.

Sawyer managed to throw his into the wall and knock him out, then he rushed to help Kaleigh, who had been pushed into a bolder and fallen to the ground.

Sawyer hit the man over the top of his head and grabbed his arms.

“Hit ‘im, Kaleigh!” he shouted through the ruckus. Kaleigh stood up and balled her fist, then she cranked her arm back and kicked him very hard…in the crotch.

The man fell on the ground, practically crying – and completely helpless.

Then they both went to help Keaton. They took the bandits away from him.

Keaton ran in the direction that the head of the thugs had gone. When Kaleigh asked him where he was going he said, “I’m going to kill him!”

Sawyer and Kaleigh looked at each other and shrugged, then went back to beating their opponents.


Keaton dashed up stone steps into a higher level of the cave. He drew his sword as he heard the shuffling of feet to his right.

An arrow whizzed by his ear and he reflexively turned and slashed the air in front of him.

He charged, swinging his sword around to blur any targets an arrow may have, and then ran into a tunnel. He followed a small light until he came to the end and into another small room of rock.

The leader of the bandits stood at the other end with a sword of his own.

Keaton’s face turned red with anger.

“Why you overgrown, stuffed shirt, peacock faced, wriggling worm on a hook!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.

The bandit sniffed dryly as he felt along the edge of his sword, then he looked over at Keaton.

“Touché,” he said calmly.

Keaton charged at him. Eyebrows wrinkled in the thought of revenge.

Their swords clashed as they met. Keaton’s smoking fury kept his sword attacking, which put the bandit in a full retreat.

He was forced to the wall and then Keaton smashed his sword with such force that the bandit’s sword broke in two.

The pieces fell to the ground with a clutter.

Keaton raised his sword to finish the bandit off, but stopped and remembered Bobby’s words: ‘I want some of my wrath on those no-good rotten banana peels of a gang!’

Keaton sheathed his sword and drew Disheveled.

“This,” he said, plunging it into the bandit’s heart. “is for kidnapping Sawyer. This, (Keaton rotated the knife in a full circle) is for seriously injuring Bobby. And this, (Keaton re-drew his sword and cut off the man’s head – it tumbled to the ground and bounced three times before lying still, face up – it’s dead eyes staring at Keaton) that’s for touching Kaleigh.”

Keaton then cleaned the weapons and returned to Sawyer and Kaleigh at the entrance of the cave.

They embraced each other and Kaleigh asked about Bobby.

“She’s alive,” he answered.

Then they rode the dead bandits’ horses back to Goldbrook to get her.


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