To Live or Die: Segment Twelve

Fiction By Emily Grace // 3/6/2012

Segment Twelve
A String of Accounts

Keaton was torn between going after Kaleigh and taking the unconscious Bobby back to Blackhawk. But in the end, he decided to go back to the camp.
He tied the horses together and then rode back to Blackhawk with Bobby in front of him on his horse.
Back at the camp, Keaton laid Bobby in her tent, and had a talk with Gibbs.
“It wasn’t her fault,” Gibbs said.
“Oh, I know,” Keaton answered sarcastically. “Bobby just had another one her stupid fights and Kaleigh was captured!”
Gibbs stood in silence as a shadowy figure leaned on a tree behind Keaton.
“What?” Keaton asked.
Gibbs gestured to the dark form.Keaton whisked around. Bobby stood behind him, supporting herself against the large tree trunk.
“Pardon me,” she said. “But I paid a price in my ‘stupid fight’ too.”
“Bobby.” Keaton sounded surprised. “What are you doing out of bed?”
“I was listening to your conversation about the ‘stupid fight’ of mine which, by the way, you took part in,” Bobby replied. She limped over to them.
“I’m sorry, Bobby, but seriously, you should get back in bed.”
“Make me get into bed – those bandits have Kaleigh. I’m surprised you’re still here, you’re usually the first to try to find her.”
Bobby tried to pass them and get to the stables, but Gibbs stopped her.
“Oh, no, you don’t,” he said. “Keaton may tell you to get in bed, but I’m ordering you to and I’m you’re captain – so get! And you too, Keaton!”
Bobby and Keaton reluctantly walked back to the tents.
Keaton helped Bobby to bed and started to exit, but Bobby halted him by asking, “So we leave before dawn tomorrow?”
Keaton turned around and smirked.
“Yep!” he answered.
“See? You never hesitate to help a friend,” Bobby added. “That’s why you’re my friend – and I’m glad you are.”
Keaton grinned.
“G’night,” he said.
“Night,” Bobby replied.


Seven hours later, before the sun had risen, Keaton woke up and strapped on his sword. He grabbed his dark blue cloak and pulled the hood up over his head. Then he left his tent. He passed a few others until he came to Bobby’s.
He entered to find Bobby sitting on her cot, bent over and holding her stomach. Keaton frowned.
“Maybe you should stay here – in case Kaleigh comes back.” There was concern in his voice.
Bobby immediately stood up, she winced, but tried to hide it.
“No, way,” she argued, grabbing her black cloak. “I’m coming with you.”
She put on her cloak, pulled the hood up and then slung Gob and Smacked over her back. She had slept with Disheveledon her belt.
Keaton’s shoulders dropped; he knew she would refuse, but he still didn’t want her to come.
She stood up straight and looked Keaton in the eye.
“Let’s go,” she said. And just like that she walked out of her tent.
Keaton followed sullenly. As he exited, Bobby walked up to him, leading two horses by their reins.
She handed one to Keaton and they led them out of Blackhawk, then mounted, and started searching for Kaleigh.


Meanwhile, Kaleigh had been bound hand and foot and gagged. She was dragged into a cave and thrown on the floor next to someone else. It was dark, so she couldn’t see who, but his breathing was heavy.
The cold stone ground’s sharp bumps dug into her body – she was very uncomfortable.
I wonder where Keaton and Bobby are, she thought. I hope they’re okay. Oh, if I could only get free! I could find Sawyer and we could escape…where is Sawyer?
Suddenly the man next to her coughed. His hands struggled to get free of the bindings and his legs moved to prop himself up to the wall. He pushed himself into it and sat up against it.
I wish I could see who that is! Or ask him, but this stupid gag is –
Her thoughts were interrupted by another cough from the man who was now sitting against the stone wall.
Wait…who else could it be? It’s gotta be Sawyer! I wonder if he knows that it’s me…


Sawyer lay still on the ground. It had been four days since the bandits had first took him captive.
He opened his eyes and looked around the cave. Even though he had been there for a time, his eyes had not adjusted to the dark – that’s how black it was.
Then he started hearing faint voices. He coughed and then made out, “Put her with the boy, we’ll decide what to do with them later.”
Who did they take now? he thought. He wriggled his hands in their bindings. They’re coming loose…
He coughed again as a bandit entered the cave and threw someone next to him.
Sawyer’s breathing was heavy due to his position – laying on his side, which was piled in a heap on the rocky ground, with his hands tied behind his back and his feet tied together and his knees tied together and his mouth gagged very tightly – which in its self is enough to make anybody breathe hard. Sawyer coughed once more. I have to get free! he thought. Maybe I can prop myself up against the wall, that way, I can see a little better.
He shifted his hands around in the ropes, trying to loosen them more. He secured his feet on a large rock and pushed off of it. He kicked off bumps in the ground until he hit his head on the stone wall, then he struggled to sit up.
Once he did, he rested against it and took a breather. Then he coughed again.
Someone else is in here and she’s a girl…I wonder who she is…
He coughed more and wriggled his hands around again. Almost got it…
He wriggled his hands even more and…Yes!
He slid his hands out of the ropes and rolled his wrists around once they were in front of him. He rubbed them gently. The ropes had chewed them raw and they were very red.
Then he untied his knees and feet – which took some time due to how tight they were tied.
He crawled silently over to the still figure, un-gagged her, and shook her gently.
“Are you okay?” he asked quietly. The small form stirred and took a deep breath.
“Yeah, I think,” she answered weakly. Sawyer’s eyes widened.


Bobby and Keaton rode for hours. Bobby’s stomach still hurt terribly, but she didn’t let on; Keaton might make her go back.It was starting to get dark, so Keaton was looking for a place where they could rest the night, but Bobby, who wanted to keep going, stayed on her horse.
“C’mon, Keaton,” she said. “Let’s go a little longer.”
Keaton looked into her pleading grey-blue eyes.
Bobby forced a smile through her pain. They galloped for a little longer, but then Bobby’s horse started panicking.
“What is it, boy?” Bobby asked, leaned over to rub its silky neck. She looked around, but it was too dark to see anything.
Then Keaton’s horse started to get shaky.
“What’s up, Bobby?”
“I don’t know, it’s too dark to –”
Bobby horse reared up with horrific neighing. That startled Keaton’s horse and it reared up as well. Bobby, due to her phenomenal pain, fell right off her horse; Keaton, however, stayed planted.
Bobby bonked her head on a pointy rock and her eye sight faded and went blurry. She held her stomach and tried to get up…
“Bobby, don’t move!” Keaton shouted. Bobby froze dead still.
“Keaton, what is it?” she asked quietly.
“There’s a snake inching its way towards you. I can’t believe you didn’t see it, it’s huge!”
“My sight went blurry when I hit my head…you’re my eyes, Keaton, don’t kill me.”
Keaton slowly got off of his horse and drew his sword. He edged his way towards the snake.
The snake started coiling its head back, its tongue slipped quickly in and out of its teeth with a hiss.
The horses bolted – the snake lurched towards Bobby…



 Sorry I missed this when you first posted it! 
Yet another adventurous chapter with a cliff-hanging ending. :)

Kyleigh | Sun, 03/18/2012


You said you cast Thomas Sangster as Sawyer, right? :)

Anna | Wed, 03/21/2012

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


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