Life goes on

Fiction By Emily // 1/23/2008

The birds sang a beautiful lullaby as they awoke from a nights rest. Stepping out of the log wood cabin Jaycee plopped down on the old oak front porch swing.
She stretched her arms high in the air and her dog, Missy, ran too her.
She petted him then tossed a stick and he ran to catch it.
The lake in front of her and her family’s house glistened in the return of the morning sun.
Jaycee’s night gown flowed in the summer breeze as she got up to throw the stick again to the Border collie.
A small wagon pulled up beside Jaycee’s home.
An older man stepped down from it and petted the horse a few times before stepping up on to the porch. “Howdy, young ‘mam.” His voice was thick like Jaycee’s father’s used to be.
“What‘s yous’ buisness here?” She asked taking a step toward the front door.
“Well, little miss, that’s a sure ways to welcome me!” He replied taking his top hat off and placing it back on his head with a smile.
Jaycee thought for a second and then replied,” You just wait right hear for a few seconds.” Her blonde curls bobbed up and down as she opened the cabin and put a kitchen chair against it as so he wouldn’t try to peek inside.
The cabin was the usual, cramped. She went past the small cook stove and past the loft that her brother, Harris, and her sister’s, Alexis, Her, and Gabby slept, to the far corner of the room.
There sat a plain wood bed Pap had made for Maw and himself before they sent him into war to never return.
She placed her had on her mother’s shoulder and lightly shook her. “Yes?” Her mother’s voice seemed tired.
“There’s a man out there and I’m not sure what he wants.”
“I figure it out.” Replied he mother now awake. She tossed the covers off her body slid into a pair of old boots and a bonnet was placed on her head. As she moved the chair she said,” Wake up the rest and I’ll see what he wants.” She opened the door and stepped out. Before she closed the door completely Jaycee heard,” Good morning, ‘mam. I have some news about your husban…..” then the heavy door shut. Jaycee still knew what the calling was for and with that she walked up the ladder to the loft and woke Harris first, Alexis second, and decided to let Gabby sleep because after all she was still just two!
Her mother walked in and they heard the man leave. She tried to hide the tears in her eyes as she opened the door.
“I have some news….kids,” She swallowed and then looked up at them from her neeling position with tear streaks running down her face. “Pap isn’t coming home from the war.” With that she stood up and said,” We need to cook breakfast I’ll go and get the eggs and yall’ do what you can to help.
Alexis cried and cried. Jaycee picked her up and patted Harris on his back. For his head hung low as for no one to see the sorrow they all had just faced. Nobody comforted Jaycee. She was the oldest so she put the little eight year old down and said to her,” Would you set the table?” Harris then replied,” I’ll go and fetch some fire wood.”
“I’ll warm up pans.”
Though the sorrow that filled them they could not be destroyed it had sure made there hungry stomach’s fade like the sun would that night.
Jaycee held her chin high and to the still sobbing Alexis she said,” Life goes on.”


Interesting..... ------------


Megan | Sat, 01/26/2008


So....good review or bad? or

So....good review or bad? or is it half?


Emily | Sat, 01/26/2008

WELL....I like it for the

WELL....I like it for the most part. The names were interesting, but I want to know more. There wasn't enough detail.

Megan | Sat, 01/26/2008


... nice=) but...

How old is the oldest suppost to be???

*happy face*

Velocity | Wed, 01/30/2008

The Truth will set you free.


Didn't think about it.....let's say fifteen! :)
What do you think about it!


Emily | Wed, 01/30/2008


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