An Essay By Emily // 9/22/2007

Today I was at my cousin’s -PEE WEE- football game and they didn’t win. Well Austin- my cousin- hates to lose! While we were walking back to the car he was fighting back tears!!!! Excuse me? I’ll take this moment to address: IT’S A GAME!!!!!! What’s the big deal? My dad said that you shouldn’t like to lose but…..
I don’t like to lose things, but a football game? That’s taking it too far! I’m extremely confused!

But if he wins… that’s a whole different story!!! He LOVES to rub something in someone’s face! He’d be laughing at somebody who almost cried because they lost! Maybe it’s just because I’m a girl! But come on! Please!

Maybe it’s just me! Well anyway….. do YOU agree with me? Or do you think I’m extremely wrong?


hello emily

well hello i think this is good well i thought id tell you that because no one else has wrote a comment soo any way i love you

love you love madd!!

Anonymous | Sun, 09/30/2007


Hey, Maddy! talk to you later!!!

Emily | Tue, 10/09/2007


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