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An Essay By Emily // 3/17/2008

I realized that I haven’t posted anything on apricotpie in a month or so but nothing has come to me lately.
So I’ll just tell you my resent excitement, hobbies, and WHAT’S UP!!!! :) SO here we go:

Well I take gymnastic classes on Tuesday nights. So it was three weeks ago and I was up on the uneven bar’s and I was about to do a summersault on the bars and I didn’t leave my feet on the littlest bar and I fell and it was really funny though it hurt really bad.
At church I’m going through conformation class and we [the conformation class] when on a trip to meet the bishop and the girl Megan, who has an account on here, and I met a few girls and they were nice! I got their email address and phone number.

On Wednesday night I have choir and it’s pretty cool! Then after choir practice I go over to my Aunt Ann’s and watch American Idol! I like Brook White and Syesha Mercado. Syesha is my number 1 favorite. And she got into the bottom three and I was so scared for her! :) I’m so cheesy!

I JUST GOT A NEW CAR! Well technically my parent’s got a new car but I get to ride in it! It’s still exciting! lol.

Well that’s about it! L8R!


I've been absent too.

I've been absent too.

Emily-Smileygirl (not verified) | Tue, 03/18/2008


Not as absent as me! You posted a story a few weeks ago...didn't you?


Emily | Tue, 03/18/2008


Its ok, I watch American Idol too =]
I like Brooke White and Jason Castro

Tamerah | Wed, 03/19/2008


Yeah, i really like Brooke White! she plays the guitar and sings really good!
Missed it last night though! :(


Emily | Thu, 03/20/2008


Eh, last night wasn't that amazing, Amanda Overmeyer got voted off, but I never really liked her so I don't mind!

Tamerah | Thu, 03/20/2008


YEAH!!!!!! AMANDA'S GONE!!! :) That completely makes my morning a bit sunnier! :p She was BAD!!!

Emily | Fri, 03/21/2008


I know I couldn't stand her.

Tamerah | Fri, 03/21/2008

Another reason to be a Brooke White fan!

Hi there,

I am the mother of 7 kids and we homeschool. I have a blog, homespun lullaby. If you visit my blog you can read my post about Brooke White and find out one more reason to be her fan. It is my story of how I met her in LA 2 1/2 years ago and the song she sang for me. I think you'll find it interesting!

Anonymous | Fri, 04/04/2008

That story was SO

That story was SO awesome!!!!
I'm glad I read it!

Emily | Fri, 07/11/2008


what kind of car?: ) gymnastics! my friend does that and he can like run up a tree and do a back flip..! its tottaly cool! even though i hvaen't seen it personally i saw a video of it.
The unperfect person, in the unperfect world, surrounded by unperfect people, with an absolutely perfect God!

Velocity | Mon, 12/08/2008

The Truth will set you free.

It's a Jeep Patriot...

It's a Jeep Patriot...

The electric device I can’t live without... is a toaster!
-Joe Jonas

Emily | Mon, 12/08/2008


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