The Reasons Why I Love You

An Essay By Emily // 11/18/2008

I love the way you cry when we watch a sad movie, and the way you insist on watching something manly when the movie ends, like boxing or football.
I love it when you write notes to me during the preacher’s sermon in church. Each note always has a piece of your heart in it, and that always makes me happy that I’m the only one who receives them and understands them.
I love the stupid things you say. I love even more that you don’t realize what you said until I start laughing so hard that tears flow from my eyes and I can’t stop.
I love how you can see everything in my heart, you know what I’m thinking about, and you can finish every sentence for me. It’s like I’m a puzzle that’s never put together because I have so many missing pieces, but then you find the pieces and put me together again.
I love the way you sing. Though you’re not very good, you sing anyway with no care in the world for what other people might think.
I love it now, though I hated it then, when you told me that I’m not perfect and that I’m not always right. When you told me that, I felt a sting so deep in my heart that I had never felt before. I never told you about it, because if I had, I know you would have felt so bad and tried to make it up to me. But your constructive criticism helped me and you wouldn’t have realized that you had made it up to me already.
I love the way you have perfect manners. You’d always pulled out chairs and opened car doors for me even when we weren’t dating.
But I simply love you for understanding my most crazy thoughts and for believe I can achieve my wildest dreams. If it weren’t for you I would have given up already.
________________________________________________ I got this idea from a friend. It's kinda based on a true story. [Again, KINDA!!!! lol]



I repeat
Is he sweet or wut?
“Writing on me or anyone else with a sharpie may be permanent today,
But that doesn’t mean it can’t be written over”

Velocity | Wed, 11/19/2008

The Truth will set you free.


ah, this is so sweet. gotta love it. it doesn't even have to be about a guy either. well, except for that one part about opening doors and pulling chairs out even when weren't dating.
shows ya what friendship is, i reckon. =)

a creative mind never ceases for long in thinking.

Paula J | Wed, 11/19/2008

~All men were created equal, then some became Marines~
*Death smiles at everyone, Marines smile back*
gotta love the Marines!!

Oh that's so sweet!

my mom doesn't want me writing anything too romantic. At least until I'm old enough to understand what I'm talking about. Does this guy exist? Can I have him? Please?
...and that's all I'mm gonna say! For now...

Keri | Thu, 11/20/2008

Yeah no, my mom hasn't read

Yeah no, my mom hasn't read this yet, so she might make me take it down! =] This guy doesn't exist. He's my dream guy! lol! No, you may not have him, he's from my imagination, not yours. =]

Every recording studio needs a rubber chicken.
-Joe Jonas

Emily | Thu, 11/20/2008


That can be changed.. Mwhahahahahaha!!
...and that's all I'm gonna say! For now...

Keri | Fri, 11/21/2008


That can be changed... Mwhahahahahaha!!
...and that's all I'm gonna say! For now...

Keri | Fri, 11/21/2008


No, he's mine! I want him. MINE. LOL. I don't usually write romantic stuffies (that's my word of the day =D), but I wrote a somewhat romantic poem that I plan on posting.

-Falling Leaves

"I'm not that complicated...My complications come out in my songs. All you you have to do to be my friend is like me...And listen." -Taylor Swift (one of the best musical artists ever!)

E | Fri, 11/21/2008

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

I called him first!!!!!

Emily may have invented him but I srole him from her!!! I am actually writing a story about Velocity, a friend of ours, and I when we're in college. And Velocity and our friend fall inlove while I laugh at them and give them advice. I don't know if I'm gonna post it becausr it contain our first and last names. Maybe I'll change them though
...and that's all I'm gonna say! For now...

Keri | Sat, 11/22/2008

that sounds interesting

that sounds interesting Keri!

Every recording studio needs a rubber chicken.
-Joe Jonas

Emily | Mon, 11/24/2008


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