"Why are you home schooled?" they ask.

A Poem By Emily // 9/20/2007

"Why are you home schooled?" they ask.

A simple everyday question for me is: Why are you Home schooled?
Yet there is no answer for ones like these,
It takes a while to figure the one I need.
Something simple and to point, so I can get my answer across.
I feel no loss in being who I am. I like it quite a lot!
And if you judge me for being home schooled I will not judge you back!
For I have learned my lesson!
Now for once I won’t encourage your bad behavior.
I will just try to improve my good labor.
Now I know what to say, when the question comes my way,
You have no way to understand!
You are what you are,
And I am what I am!




OK, i choose this one then :D
Now i forget what we were talking about. . . .

Tamerah | Sun, 10/07/2007


I believe Halloween.....I just looked!!! But lastnight my friend's dad was chasing My friend, her little brother and me around with a butcher knife once then he put the butcher knife away and hid behind the car when we weren't looking and he jumped out and we screamed! Ethan [my friend's brother] was screaming BOOGLY-BOOGLY! And was saying I CAN'T TAKE THE BOOGLY! Yeah, i'm sure we woke the neighbors! Then I made this freaky song. YOu sing it like 'Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus lane'!

Here comes boogly,
Here comes boogly,
Right down boogly lane,
He's looking for some dinner,
Looking for some dinner,
Nice warm meat,
Nice warm meat!

I'm so weird!!! lol!

Emily | Mon, 10/08/2007


goodness, you sound like you are really in to Haloween. I can't say i fancy it much myself, I think that Haloween and Valentines day were made up by the candy companies. They just got lucky with Easter. Seriously though, Haloween is my least favorite time of the year, pretty much, but afterwards is great because after is November and November is favorite month, and then there is Thanksgiving and of course CHRISTMAS! I am already looking forward to it! Not so much Christmas day, but Christmas time, its always so fun.

Tamerah | Tue, 10/09/2007


Well, I like Halloween because I like scaring myself! Like thinking about 'ghosts' [which I don't believe in] and just weird happenings. Like I LOVE R.L. STINE! Do you know he is? PLEASE tell me you do! Well if you don't he wrote these books called Fear Street and he wrote Goosebumps for littler kids like ones who are just learning to read! I've know how to read since I was four or five- thanks to homeschooling!
But it's really just the scare of Halloween! The scary thoughts of something or somebody lerking in a corner, or about to grab you! Which never happens to me! The friend, who's Dad chased us, we sat in my carport and gave out candy and told scary stories all night! I don't know where we're going to do it this year......... maybe at my Grandpa's house......but I don't have any candy..........it's chain of thoughts i guess! :0)

Emily | Tue, 10/09/2007


I like scaring myself to, i really like alien movies and i recently read Dracula which was one of the best books i've ever read.
I have heard of R.L. Stine but i don't actually know who he is.
I like J.R.R. Tolkien hes my favorite :D
I think i would like telling scary stories with my family if any of my family knew any, which i doubt very much that they do. I have never celebrated Halloween in the traditional way, i've never been trick-or-treating, i've never really dressed up, my family have never made a big deal of it, so there you are! That is probably why i don't care for it.
But scaring myself is fun!

Tamerah | Wed, 10/10/2007


Scaring myself is my specialty! lol! The print on the L.O.T.R. is small!! Oh! How do phonetically spell your name? Is it Tam-uh-ruh or Tuh-mare-uh?
Oh and my e-mail adress is [email protected] .......what's yours? Got to go to church!

Emily | Wed, 10/10/2007


I believe it would be Tam-er-uh though until the last two years or so i wanted it to be Tuh-mare-uh :D

My email (or one of them anyways) is [email protected]

Tamerah | Thu, 10/11/2007


Okay I just sent you one!

Emily | Thu, 10/11/2007


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