Faye-Chapter 1

Fiction By E // 4/14/2010

*Okay, sorry I've taken so long! Anna, I have been working on this all these months, I assure you, and now I have the first chapter up! I've been having horrible writer's block on this one. Finally, I long handed it in the middle of my kitchen and I think it worked! I hope everyone enjoys it! -Erin*

          Mia bolted up out of bed. She fled the room, running silently down the hall and down the stairs.
            She knew quite well, that she most likely was overreacting to a nightmare, but she didn’t care. The nightmare had felt too real to be pretend. She leapt off the stairs and flew to the front door.
            Mia threw herself outside, onto the front porch, and down her gravelly driveway, ignoring the painful, jagged pebbles on her feet.
            Mia’s nightgown billowed out behind her, making her feel as if she was flying. She only thought that momentarily, however, before her thoughts turned again to panic.
            “Why is this driveway so long?” thought Mia. Her asthma was taking over, closing up her chest. Her legs were quickly turning to noodles. She almost fell when she attempted to propel herself further. She was almost at the end of it!
            Finally, she collapsed on hard pavement.
            Breathing hard and trying not to hyperventilate, Mia stood up. Her cheek stung, and when she placed a hand to it, sticky red blood was glued to her palm. Mia swallowed. She could barely stand the sight of blood on anybody, not to mention herself.
            She threw up, wrinkled her nose and immediately walked farther away, disgusted.
            Trying to keep her mind off of the vomit, Mia looked around her. The lonely country road looked very different at night. More intimidating? Mia asked herself. On the other side of the road, there was a forest. It was so large that Mia had never seen the end of it. It looked eerie with the white moonlight reflecting off the pine. It made her think of knives, millions of them, collecting on mile-high trees.
            The thought made her shiver. She had always disliked knives.
            Mia heard hoofbeats. She gasped, now that she had enough breath to do so, and tore off blindly down the road. She wasn’t sure where the hoofbeats were coming from, as she had never been good with directions, but she wanted to stay as far away as possible.
            Mia noticed something wet and chunky on the bottom of her foot. She then realized it was vomit. She almost threw up again, but the increased volume of the hoofbeats kept her running faster.
            She continued to shoot glances back behind her, watching to see if the ghost and his horse were near yet, but they weren’t. She looked back again, slowing down a bit, as the hooves were much louder.
            Suddenly, Mia ran straight into something strong and wet. She screamed as she scrambled to her feet, as above her stood the giant horse and the ghost boy.


Oh, no problem!  I am still

Oh, no problem! 

I am still so pumped for this story! I got uber excited when I saw it up. :) I am not-quite-diligently writing Narcissa's Julian, but I am writing it, and I think I've got a good story going. I'm hoping to get it all planned, if not written, before I post it.

Anna | Thu, 04/15/2010

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

Thanks! I'm glad you like it

Thanks! I'm glad you like it so much :-D and that's no problem-I've been really busy and I did take a two-to-three week break while I was writing this ;) and planning is good-I tend not to plan things before I post them.

E | Thu, 04/15/2010

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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