Ideas and Thoughts, 37-43

Fiction By E // 8/1/2010

*A/N* Hello! I just had an impulse to write today and this is what came out of it! My personal favorite is Driving (40)....

37-Presentation Day
            “‘And what does this little drawing here represent to you?’ said Mrs. Acker said slowly, her voice dripping with syrupy sweetness that I knew she only used for us eleven year olds. She looked expectantly at me. I took a moment to look around at my classmates, clutching the precious drawing to my chest, and then I took it away. ‘My brother drew this for me, a few months ago,’ I said, holding it out for everybody to see. It was a picture of a heart, with two stick figures holding hands in the middle. Mrs. Acker smiled in a too-sweet way again. ‘That’s simply darling, Clara, but that isn’t what it represents, is it?’ she said. ‘What does it mean?’ My eyes filled. ‘I was getting to that,’ I snapped, unable to hold myself back. I heard a few appreciative whoops and whistles and even smattered applause,  but it didn’t matter to me. Mrs. Acker didn’t say anything else. ‘It means,’ I went on, trying not to let my voice sound choked, ‘Well, um, my brother’s dead,’ everyone gasped, ‘And…um…’ tears were falling down my face now. ‘The last thing he said to me was that he loved me and that he’d see me soon, and he gave me this. He was five. And…..And…he got into a car crash. So, that’s…..’ I cried now. ‘Gotta go,’ and I ran off the stage, slammed into the doors, fell, got up, and ran through them. I only barely heard the calls of my name, or Mrs. Acker grabbing me ‘round the shoulders and leading me back into the auditorium, or her calling my parents or the other kids’ presentations. I just sat and cried and cried and cried while my Daddy picked me up and carried me to the car and then carried me to bed while I just kept crying. Momma braided my hair and rubbed my back and told me it was all right, Johnny was in heaven now, but I didn’t stop crying. But it was a few minutes later that I realized that she was crying too.”
            “My stomach was tingling. I preferred not to think of it as butterflies, but perhaps something more manly. Maybe, I don’t know, wasps or something. The thing was though, it didn’t feel bad. Maybe dragonflies. At least they have dragon in the name. Yeah, I had dragonflies.”
39-In Need of a Filter
            “Aunt Loretta made some kinda weird, strangled noise from deep in her throat, and she burst into really loud sobs. Her plump hands went up to cover her face, smearing black eyeliner all over it. Everybody stared, even me. I didn’t know what she was crying about. I didn’t think I had done anything wrong yet, but as Aunt Loretta pointed at me and cried ‘He….HENNNRRYYYYYY!’ through her sobs, Uncle Henry came and put his hands on my shoulders and said, ‘Come with me, son,’ in a gruff sort of way. I had only said that Aunt Loretta looked kinda like a beluga whale in that dress. I like whales.”
            “My hands shook as I slowly set them on the thin steering wheel. Apparently relaxed, Jack sat down next to me and buckled his seat belt. Suddenly, I turned to face him. He was grinning. ‘Look, I really don’t think this is a good idea,’ I said quickly. His grin widened and his green eyes glinted. ‘You’ll be fine. Just turn the key,’ he reached forward to start it for me and I caught his arm. ‘There’s no way in--’ but before I could finish, Jack had started the car and was looking expectantly at me. ‘We can do something you wanna do. After this.’ I made a sort of frightened squeak and stared blankly ahead. It was all straight. There were only two mailboxes along the entire road, and no houses or fences except for way far back on the property. It was just dirt and lined with trees, and no one really drove on it except Jack and Steven. I closed my eyes and pushed the accelerator. The truck made a weird noise. ‘First gear, Maddie!’ said Jack. I looked numbly at the shifter. ‘Press the clutch and the brake and move it into first,’ he said, as though it was completely obvious and I should know. ‘I’m only twelve,’ I murmured, and I did as I was told. He told me to let off the clutch and the brake and we were rolling forward. I soon found myself laughing gleefully and pressing the accelerator. Jack told me to put it in second. I did. He told me third. I did. He told me fourth. I did. He told me fifth. I did. Soon we were going at seventy-five down that dirt road, the windows open and the wind whipping my hair around my face. Jack was swearing and laughing and whooping all at the same time. I was laughing until I saw a fence at the end of the road. Jack swore again and told me to stop, so we stopped hard. I was jerked forward but caught myself and Jack was jerked so hard that his nose hit the dashboard. When he lifted his head, his nose was sticky with blood and his face was white but he was laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe. So was I.”
41-The Crush
            “The way I feel about you: tingly, nervous, warm, hot, red, longing, wishing, hoping, sad, happy.”
            “‘Have you ever thought about being an artist, Nicole?’ Grandma asked me, looking over my shoulder at my moving pencil. I shrugged. I really had, but didn’t want to sound like an idiot in case I sucked. ‘You should. If you want to, that is. You are very talented,’ she sighed. ‘I wanted to be an artist once.’ My pencil stopped flowing. ‘You did?’ I asked. Grandma smiled sadly. ‘Oh yes,’ she raised her hands up. They were brown and spotted and wrinkly and old looking. She chuckled. ‘But my hands just simply wouldn’t hold up to the job. Should’ve got to it sooner, I suppose.’ She put her hands back by her sides and sighed again. ‘You are very talented,’ she said again, putting special emphasis on the word very, and walked away. I stared back down at my paper. I was drawing mountains with lots of trees around them. I was very talented……I smiled and resumed drawing.”
            “‘I had just been saying something to Genevieve over the phone when I saw that dog. He was so miserable looking, all ratty and wet. Y’know what he did then?’ said my mother, her voice hushing for suspense. ‘What?’ said Danielle and I excitedly. My mom looked around the dark living room as if checking for spies, then faced us both again. ‘He came up and licked my fingers in the sweetest way. I wound up skipping my lunch just crying about this poor little wet dog at the park. So, I brought a little surprise home today,’ she got up, strode across the living room and opened up the backyard door. Bounding in happily came a now clean wirehaired dog. Danielle and I both squealed and ran over to him. He licked our faces and wagged his tail. ‘Lick! Lick!’ cried Danielle joyfully. Mom laughed. I hadn’t seen her so happy in ages.”


Interesting, They were

Interesting, They were interesting, but none of them really caught my attention like some others of yours.

Julie | Sun, 08/01/2010

Formerly Kestrel

That's fine :) I hadn't

That's fine :) I hadn't written much and it wasn't coming as easily as others. The only ones that did come easily were Driving and Presentation Day. Thanks for the comment!

E | Mon, 08/02/2010

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Hahahahahha.... wasps, that's

Hahahahahha.... wasps, that's soooo funny!!!! And the driving one: I'm pretty sure that'll be how my first drive'll be like!!!!!!! I also like wales;) the first one was ssoooo sad I choked, but it was good, vary good!!!! Awesome!!!! Fabtastic!!!! Cool!!! Sweet!!!! Love!!!!

can someone pizz weed & comment on me's stowies 2??=..)

I had 2 B selfish for a moment there... Love da writing!!!!!!!!!

Tayme | Mon, 08/02/2010


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