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Fiction By Erin // 9/8/2010

Hi. I've recently re-read Iraella and Baeddan, and Iraella has smacked me full in the face with fresh inspiration! I just decided to write up a little character chart, and then the story just came flowing. I just thought I'd share this because I'm quite pleased with it, and it's given me a whole new insight into Iraella's character, and some new ideas to play with for my second (or should it be third??) draft. So, my friends, I may not be changing the storyline so much after all. Perhaps the other idea shall be the sequel????.......One never knows.....

Iraella and Baeddan:
Name: Iraella Danae Qamar  
Age: 15
Date of Birth: May 22nd, Day of the Wildflowers (the day Silera and Eamon found her)
Personality: Strong but fragile, temperamental in traumatic situations, argumentative in general, loving and often overprotective of people she loves, a loyal friend but very set in her ways, offended easily, a fighter.
Reasons for Above Quirks:  
Iraella has the habit of believing that she is always right, so she unconsciously argues. She doesn’t think about it but when she does she starts to feel guilty and tries to restrain herself. She is offended easily, which is why she and Mabon often clash. Of course, she doesn’t think so. She is strong, a fighter, ready to do anything for her friends and family. Her temper flares when she is upset or stressed, and she unconsciously tends to take it out on others. She lost her younger sister in a tragic accident when she was five, and has been overprotective of friends and family ever since. She believes that it is her fault that her sister died. They had been playing nearby the river, which had been Iraella’s idea, and her sister slipped in the mud, banged her head on a rock and was killed instantly. The only ones who know are her parents (Eamon and Silera). Loss breaks her to a point that she has trouble coming back from. When Baeddan is kidnapped, Iraella is broken on the inside, making her fragile and angry and heartbreakingly sad. It is only determination that keeps her going, and the hope that Baeddan isn’t dead.
Appearance:  Attractive, skinny, tan and blond. Her hair is thick and sometimes unmanageably curly. The undertone of her hair is chocolaty brown. She has bangs that lay just above her eyebrow and are pushed to the side and her hair is usually kept back in a ponytail held by a dark green ribbon. Her skin is a golden tan from all her time in the sun, and her eyes are a vivid grass green. She has a strong, elegant jaw that suits her and retains femininity. She is thin and fit from her and Baeddan’s races and all of the tree climbing. She is on the short side of average, but makes up for it by being fast and elite and good at jumping.
Normal Clothes: Normally she either wears a dress she dislikes to make Silera happy, or she dons a slightly frayed tan tunic, with dark green half sleeves underneath the beige vest, and green tights of the same color. Her shoes are brown leather lace up boots, but she almost never wears them. She prefers barefoot.
Quest: To rescue her best friend, Baeddan, from dark creatures sent by Efazah, exiled wielder of dark magic who seeks to destroy both Iraella and Baeddan for entry into Elmanaha, the magical realm.
Others Relevant to the Story:
Mabon, water tamer from the island of Bellord, right off the coast of Niaequei. He and Iraella are good friends and they both know it, despite their constant bickering.
 Barden, from Island Out On The Sea, where people forget where they came from. Only he and his sister, Pora, remember, but are stuck out on the island to take care of their father. Pora chooses to remain on the island to console their father while Barden chooses to help Iraella and Mabon on their quest.
Baeddan, Iraella’s best friend, is kidnapped by dark creatures controlled by a witch seeking to destroy him and Iraella both. He is the second main character to Iraella.
Silera and Eamon: Iraella’s adoptive parents. She does not realize until she is about to embark on her quest when Silera and Eamon choose to tell her that she was found by them.
Nasia: a fairy, helps rescue Iraella when she is taken.


ooooooooo!!!! i like

ooooooooo!!!! i like this!!!!! Tis a story of graet love, no? HEHEHEHEHE! I can not be of the weighting!!!! Make speed and write you auther... Or I shall punnish yououououou!

Your punnishment will be one hard pinch >.<

Tayme | Thu, 09/09/2010

LOL!!! The first draft is

LOL!!! The first draft is already up and finished. I've gotten out some really superly-duperly long pieces of construction paper and have starting writing out my entire plotline :) I've always wanted to do that.

Erin | Thu, 09/09/2010

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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