Poems 11-15

A Poem By E // 7/14/2011

*A/N* I hope there's no controversy over 11. It references anybody who's ever been bullied for who they are.

An echo of acceptance (?)
Floats through the air
Will, perhaps, you like me
For who I truly am?
What does it matter
If I’m a boy who likes pink instead of blue?
 I don’t want to be called names
I don’t want to feel strange
I’m just a person
I’m just like you.
If I eat too many cookies
If I let the washer overflow
If I paint the walls orange
(And you hate orange)
If I fall asleep in your favorite movie
If I snore too loud at night
Will you still promise to love me
And ever after?
I fall away
Until my breath is gone too
I try to get away
But I can’t separate myself from you
We’re two feathers
From the same bird, you and I
We fight too much
And when I try so hard to get away,
You just pursue, chase
You try to make it right
There’s no going back this time, baby
There’s no such thing as right
I need to fall away from this madness
I need to fall away from you
It’s like moonlight on a web
Or a spider dancing on a thread
It beats the air like a bird
It whispers like a snake
It pulls, it pushes
Pulses like a beating heart
In a deadly hiss, it calls
“Meet me in my depths.”
Make me a promise, I said
Well, so much for that
You left me a teddy bear
But you didn’t leave me you
You know I still cry sometimes
About the invincible team we could’ve been?
But I’m not crying anymore
I don’t need that crap
By the way, I burned it.


I love them all!!! At

I love them all!!! At specially the first, second, and last one. =)

Tayme | Mon, 07/18/2011

Muchas gracias mi amigo :-D

Muchas gracias mi amigo :-D

E | Tue, 07/19/2011

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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