Poetry, 1-5

A Poem By E // 6/6/2010

Wow, I'm actually writing poetry! I'm so excited. The Bejeweled Queen is actually about the Queen in the Trader, who we haven't come to yet :)


1. Broken
Broken glass spread ‘round the room
Broken reflections straight out of the tomb
Broken wounds, broken hurts
Broken soldiers and broken earth
Broken girl cries herself to sleep
With all her broken memories
A broken rose she clutches to her breast
Among all the broken glass
Among all of memories’ past
2. Days Before
Bethany set out to see the bay
The sky enveloped in the color gray
Made her wonder, “Why such a gloomy day?”
The day before
Jacob set out just after four
And saw Bethany sitting on an earthy floor
Made him wonder, “Why does she speak no more?”
3. Letter from the Sky
An envelope
Falls from the sky
Sealed with lilies
And sweet syrup
And lands in your hands
4. The Bejeweled Queen
Her hands dipped in gold
Her hair dipped in silver
Her lips touched by rubies
She holds a cup
A bejeweled cup
And snaps at the servant for wine
And waits
The ring was taken and gone
Snatched from under her nose
Her bejeweled nose
But by who?
She fingered her bracelets
Her bejeweled bracelets
On her gold dipped wrist
“Give me more,” she shouts
After draining a cup
Of wine.
Bejeweled wine
She lay back as the servant ran
On her silver hair
And bejeweled head
And thinks
Before she sleeps, her final musing is
It couldn’t be him
And she drifts into
A bejeweled sleep
5. The Ballet Dancer
Strongly, she leaps
Gingerly, she lands
Carefully, she steps
Fiercely, she spins
Gracefully, she stops
Elegant, she extends
Beautifully, she ends



 It's good! I vote Days Before or Broken as my favorite. Truly, they are all enjoyable and nice, but those are my favorites. They were like music! Keep writing poetry--you're good at it!

Madeline | Sun, 06/06/2010

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way


 Broken was definitely my favorite. But Day's Before was second best. :) Beautiful, all of them. 

Mairead | Sun, 06/06/2010


"Sweet is the love that never knew a wound, but deeper that which died and rose again." - Mother Mary Francis

Congrats on spreading your

Congrats on spreading your horizens :) Keep writing poetry! I liked Broken the best.

paperpoet | Mon, 06/07/2010

Wawwwwww! I love Broken, it

Wawwwwww! I love Broken, it made me think of a song called, Concrete Angel. It's such a sad song but amazing!!!!!!!!!

Tayme | Mon, 06/07/2010


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