Fat Mary and the Candy Stand (Short story)

Fiction By Aredhel Írissë // 6/4/2013

Fat Mary And the Candy Stand

There once lived a girl by the name of Mary. She loved candy. She ate it for breakfast, lunch and supper. That was why she was so fat. But she was completely oblivious to the fact that she was so fat. She would eat candy, candy and nothing but candy. She was so fat she could barely move. She was only eleven, but she still weighed nine hundred seventy-eight pounds. She liked to walk around town (not for exercise.)In case she might see a new candy store or something. Now it was on one of these occasions that she was walking down the street one day, when she saw a little stand on the side of the street with a banner over it that said 'Candy. All you can ever eat. Only five cents a piece.' Now Mary just knew that had to be for her. She ran across the street as fast as her legs could carry her (which wasn't very fast.) Over to the candy stand. “Give me two hundred fifty pieces of candy, please,” Mary asked. The girl who was running the stand's mouth dropped open, not only because of all the candy wanted, but she was so fat!
“But I don't think I have that much!” The girl, whose name was Mandy, said. “Sure ya' do! Just count me two hundred fifty pieces of candy and I'll give you yer money!” She said with a big cheese.
Mandy counted two hundred fifty pieces of candy and handed them over. She only had three pieces left. “That'll be twelve dollars and fifty cents, please.” Mandy said. Before paying her, Mary stuffed all two hundred fifty pieces of candy in her mouth out once, candy wrappers and all. Mandy stared at her, bug eyed, as Mary handed her the money.
“Here's all the money you asked for!” She said, with lots of candy in her mouth. The next day she came back. Mandy had more candy in stock now, and was selling it. She saw Mary walk up. She rolled her eyes. How many times was this fat person going to come back?
“Let me guess,” Mandy said. “You want two hundred and fifty pieces of candy this time.”
“Wrong. Three hundred.” Mary said. And, just as before, she crammed them in her mouth before paying, wrappers and all. She came back three more times, and each time the amount of candy she wanted increased. When finally, in Mondays newspaper, the headline said:

Eleven year old, nine hundred seventy-eight pound girl dies from eating too much/being too fat.

(She had gained one hundred pounds on the candy from the candy stand.)