Mystery of the Old House (Chapters 7-8)

Fiction By Aredhel Írissë // 4/4/2012

Chapter VII Kidnapped
The very next night, Kayla woke up, got dressed, and brushed her hair. She stepped out side, at the same time looking at her watch. It was 11:30. It wasn't so cold out now. She walked to the Maria's old house. Stepping inside, she thought she heard voices. Hiding in the same place she and her two friends had the night before, she listened. They were in the same room again, too. They came out of the room, and sat down, this time they didn't leave. “Okay, we've gotta find it, Bill! Got to!”
"I know, I know! But just where is it?” Bill asked Pete.
Now Kayla new both their names, whats more, they weren't wearing masks! Pete, the shorter man, had brownish black hair. She could see them both better, because the light was on this time. But that was also not good for Kayla—they might see her easier! She sat there—barely even daring to breathe. They walked around the room, more than once they came agonizingly close to Kayla's hiding place! She sat frozen stiff, hoping they wouldn't see her. But what were the out-laws looking for? She figured it must be something very valuable, and precious. What ever it was, they seemed mighty bound to get it.
“Lets look behind that desk just one more time, Pete, it's so tiny you might not have seen it,” Bill said.
Kayla gulped. Were they about to find her hiding place?
“Why not, Bill? But I tell ya', it's not there, I already looked behind and under it three times.”
“I know.”
They walked over to it, looking under in it. They looked for about one
minute, searching with tiny pocket flashlights.
“Not there, guess we'll just have to look behind it.” Pete said presently.
Kayla held her breath. They moved the desk, at the sight of Kayla, Bill said, “who are you? What are you doing here?”
“Hey Bill, look, she's probably heard every thing we just said! We gotta do something, or she'll tell the cops! We'd have noticed her if she'd just come in. She's been listening to our whole conversation.”
Bill grabbed her. “Let me go!” She cried. He clamped a hand over her mouth. She scratched at him with her fingernails, but it was no use.
“Hey Pete, got something to gag her with?”
“Yeah, here,” he said handing over a handkerchief.
“Are we leaving her here when we leave?” Bill asked.
“No, stupid, we'll take her with us. Other wise she'd get away and tell the cops.” Pete said, picking up a coil of rope to tie Kayla with.
“Well, we lock the door.”
“No, I said we take her with us, and that's final!”

Chapter VIII The Diamond
“Alright, Alright! You win!” Bill said.
“Good. Lets keep looking, Bill.”
What are they looking for? Kayla thought to herself.
“Hey, whats that? Bill! I think we've found the diamond! I think we've found it!” Picking it up, Bill said, “look, that's it alright, Pete!”
"Lets go bring it to the boss!" Pete said jubilantly.
“Yeah! Okay, how do we get the girl to the car with us without anyone seeing us?”
“Pick her up Bill. Carry her to the car. But keep low and stay in th shadows as best you can. Keep out of sight!"
“Alright, come on, then!”
“Don't make a sound.” The blond man warned Kayla.
They reached the car, and stepped into it. Kayla and Pete got in the back, as Bill drove. After about two hours and twenty minutes, they arrived in a place way out of her town. Picking Kayla up, because she was asleep, they got out of the car.
“Come on Pete,” Bill said.
He went over to a tunnel, with a narrow opening.So narrow that they had to walk in single file. Bill had to walk sideways sense he was carrying Kayla.
“Hey, boss, look what we found hiding in the Marie house.” Bill said to a man in the tunnel, who was sitting in a rocking chair, reading a news paper.
“Who is she?” He asked.
“I dunno. Never seen her before. But she heard our whole conversation, which was a lot, so I think it would be smart to keep her with us.” Pete said.
“Where was she hiding?”
“She was behind a desk and—oh! I forgot to say, we found the diamond!” “You--” The boss started.
“You mean I found the diamond!” Bill broke in.
“Shut up!! I was talking!” Pete yelled.
Kayla woke up then, because she had heard him yell, but she thought it best to not let it known she was awake, in case she might be able to learn any valuable information-- in case she ever got out alive.
“Sorry,” Bill said.
“Now, you say you found the diamond?” The boss asked Pete.
“Hmm, lets see it,”
Pete handed the the diamond to the boss, who's name was Matthew. Matthew examined it closely, then said, “I do believe that's it, Pete, good job!”
“By the way, where's Jason?”
“He stopped off at a store to get some stuff. He should be back later.” “Ahhh.”
Leaving Kayla by herself, tied up, they went further into the tunnel.
“Lets see if this diamond is real,” Matthew said, examining it closely under a telescope.
“Yup, it's real alright.”
Back where Kayla was, she was struggling, but it was no use. The ropes were too tight. Remembering her knife, she tried to reach it, but her fingers could barely touch the corners of her pocket, where her knife was.


I am just too smart! I

I am just too smart! I accidentally posted my story, and it was blank, and so now I'm putting chapters 7 and 8 in place of that, because I've posted all the writings I can for the week. (Really, it's not all that smart :D)

Aredhel Írissë | Tue, 05/15/2012

Anyways, I think I'll have

Anyways, I think I'll have about another chapter or two before my story's over :D (I had to write another comment because for some reason it posted my last one twice, so I had to edit it and write something else. Hehe :) )

Aredhel Írissë | Fri, 05/18/2012


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