The Shortened Version of The Lord of the Rings; Part Two of the Fellowship of the Ring

Fiction By Aredhel Írissë // 2/9/2014

Part Two

Frodo: *Wakes up three days later* Oh, hi Gandalf.
Gandalf: Hi Frodo. You’re lucky to be here.
Frodo: Where were you?
Gandalf: Sarumon kidnapped me.
Frodo: Oh.
Gandalf: Come on. Lets go to Elrond’s council. *Goes with Frodo*
Elrond: *Holds long council about Ring*
Frodo: I’ll take the Ring to Mordor, but I don’t know the way.
Elrond: Cool. Okay, take Legolas, Aragorn, Boromir, Pippin, Merry, Sam, Gimli and Gandalf with you. You're the Nine Walkets, the Fellowship of the Ring.
Frodo: K fine.
Aragorn: Go reforge my sword.
*They reforge his sword*
Gandalf: Okay, let’s go.
Bilbo: Wait! *Gives Frodo mithril coat and Sting when no one’s looking*

*They go a long way* *Gandalf and Aragorn debate about whether or not the should take the Pass of Caradhras or go through Moria*
Aragorn: Let’s take the pass of Caradhras.
Gandalf: Okay.

*The Pass of Caradhras*
Frodo: It’s too cold. Let’s go to Moria.
Legolas: I can go get the Sun. *Yells* ANYBODY WANT ME TO GO GET THE SUN?!?!?
Gandalf: Stut up, Legolas. Quit being stupid. Let’s go to the Mines of Moria.
*They go to Moria*
Gandalf: Alright. *Says friend in elvish and door to Moria opens*
Frodo: AHHHH!
Sam: Taps Gandalf on shoulder* A giant sea monster with lots of tentacles has Frodo by the leg.
Aragorn: *Hacks sea monsters tentacle that has Frodo off*
Boromir: *Catches Frodo*
*They go through Moria*
Frodo: Your cousin Balin is dead, Gimli:
Gimli: Wehhh!
*They walk a long way*
Frodo: Orcs and cave Trolls are trying to get in, Gandalf.
*They all get ready to fight*
Cave Troll: Chases Frodo around pole* *Sticks Frodo*
Frodo: OOWWW!
*Everyone suddenly stops fighting*
Merry & Pippin: *In thei rage they hitch a ride on troll's back*
Legolas: *Kills the cave troll*
Aragorn: *Carries the dead Frodo off*
Frodo: Hi, everyone!
Aragorn: *Drops Frodo in surprise*
Frodo: That hurt.
Aragorn: I thought you were dead!
Frodo: No.
Aragorn: *Opens Frodo’s shirt* Aha! He’s got a mithril coat.
Gandalf: Why you little!
Legolas: Gandalf, there’s a Balrog over there.
Gandalf: Okay. You people go cross the Bridge of Kazad-dum.
Aragorn: Come as far as you can with us, Gandalf.
Gandalf: K. *Gets a few feet across Bridge* *Balrog comes* YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
Balrog: *Tries to come across but bridge breaks under him* *Pulls Gandalf down with him*
Frodo: Gandalf!
*They all leave*
Frodo: Let’s go to Lothlorien.
Legolas: K.
Aragorn: I’m the new guide here! Let’s go to Lothlorien.

*They go to Lorien*
Galadriel: Don’t stray from your quest any, people, or else it will fail.
Here, Frodo. The light of Erendil. Turn it on when it’s too dark to see. All you have to do is say ‘Aiya Eärendil elenion ancalima.’ Got it?
Frodo: Yeah.
Galadriel: Okay. Good. Oh, where's Gandalf? I much desired to speak with him.
Frodo: He died.
Galadriel: Such a shame. Now you folks go to sleep.

Frodo: *Wakes up to find Galadriel going over to pool and getting water out* Hi.
Galadriel: Hiii Frodo Baaagiiins.
Frodo: Iii’lll loooook iiiin yourrr miroooor, Gaalaaadrieeeellll.
Galadriel: Ooookaaayyy.
Frodo: *Looks in* Thaaaattsss creeepy, Laaadddyyyy.
Galadriel: I knooowww.

*Morning comes*
Aragorn: Okay, time to go. Bye, Galadriel and Celaborn!
Galadriel: *Waves* Bye-bye boys!

*They are riding in their boats*
Legolas: ORCS!!!!!
Aragorn: Okay. Let’s land.
Legolas: That’s dumb. I don't think it's safe. A shadow and a threat have been growin' in my mind. Somethin's comin'.
Aragorn: *Lands anyway*
Frodo: I’m going to go and think about what I should do.
Aragorn: Okay. Only for an hour.
Frodo: K. *Goes off*

Boromir: Hi, Frodo.
Frodo: Hi.
Boromir: Can I have the Ring so I can save Minas Tirith?
Frodo: No.
Boromir: Can I look at it once more?
Frodo: No.
Boromir: Give it to me! *Tries to snatch Ring*
Frodo: No!!! *Puts Ring on and runs off* *Finds tall seat and sits in it* Oh, this is a cool view. *Looks East* YIPE! IT’S SAURON!
Sauron: I seeeee youuuuuu.
Frodo: *Takes Ring off* That did it. I’m going to Mordor alone. *Goes to get in boat*

Aragorn: Let’s go find Frodo. He’s been gone too long. *Gets up* Frodo! Froooodoooo!!!
Orcs: *Start attacking*
Pippin and Merry: *Are being chased around by orcs* Help! Help!
Boromir: *Comes up and kills orcs*
Pippin: Oh, thank you!
Boromir: *Blows horn of Gondor*
Orc: *Shoots Boromir*
Pippin and Merry: *Are angry* *Try to kill orcs but end up getting kidnapped*

Aragorn: *Heard Boromir’s horn and comes running* Oh, you ugly thing! *Upon seeing orc who shot Boromir* ON GUARD! *Kills orc* *Goes over to Boromir* Sorry you’re gonna die, buddy.
Boromir: Me too. I would have followed you.
Aragorn: That’s sweet.
Boromir: *Dies*
Legolas: Told you shouldn't have landed.
Aragorn: *Glares*

Sam: Mr. Frodo! Wait for me! You can’t go with out your Sam.
Frodo: Whatever. Get over here.
Sam: *Get’s in boat with Frodo* *Huggles Frodo*
Frodo: *Boo-hoos a little* Come on!
*They leave*