An Essay By Ethan // 10/16/2007

Extraordinarily good at fishing, Sam aroused the suspicions of the local warden. Carelessly, the warden asked Sam if he could accompany him to see where Sam fished since he always came in with his limit. Sam agreed, and they cruised away from the dock in Sam’s tin boat. Slowing down in the middle of the lake, Sam lit a stick of dynamite, tossed it into the water, and scooped up the stunned fish. Enraged, the warden condemned Sam and told him he just broke the law. Under the scorching sun, Sam just calmly reached under his seat, lit another stick of dynamite, and tossed it into the warden’s lap. “You just gonna sit there, or you gonna fish?” inquired Sam. Frequently in life, situations like the warden’s face us daily. Although not as blatantly obvious, we must often wake up from a daze and fling the dynamite far away from us.

Allowing sexual looseness in our society in movies, novels, and television commercials has strongly affected the Christian community. No longer can a mother sit down with her son and watch television without becoming embarrassed as women advertise intimate apparel. On the other hand, a father cannot sit comfortably watching the “tube” with his teenage daughter without commercials about personal matters airing before his young girl. Beginning in the 1950s, Christians did not and have not taken a strong enough stand against sexual looseness. Shock and outrage came from the Christian community at the beginning of this decline but conditioned, we have become apathetic. Christians, in this area, toy with dynamite almost every day versus removing the danger by flinging it faraway.

Apathy plagues conservative Christians at almost every turn. Countless movies contain blasphemy against our Lord and Savior. Yet we as Christians sit and watch these horrible productions. Almost every movie that soars at the box office flippantly takes the Lord’s name in vain. If a movie talked “trash” about one’s husband, wife, mother, or father, how long would he or she watch it, long enough to have enough information to write a scathing letter to the director about how many times the movie lied about his or her loved one. However, liberal Hollywood blasphemes my Lord and Savior with virtually every movie it produces. Watching these movies, conservative Christians once again hold lit dynamite and have chosen to continue to hold it, apathetic to their situation, instead of throwing it far away from their home.

No longer do homosexuals exist only in the closet. Seeing they could expect few repercussions in today’s world, homosexuals have pursued their agenda of obtaining all the rights afforded to legitimate marriages. Instead of doing the Biblical thing and dealing with the problem, America has begun to accept this agenda and move out of the way to give homosexuals all the recognition of legitimate marriage. State legislators have introduced countless bills ranging from limiting hate crimes to giving homosexuals legal marital status. Hate crimes limitations have gotten so out of control that if a bill that certain representatives have introduced into the House at the federal level passes both Houses of congress, the government can punish pastors for condemning homosexuality. Surely, when citizens do not rise up, condemning the government for censoring free speech, the citizenry remains too apathetic, yet again, toying with dynamite, unwilling to toss it far from them.

In conclusion, conservative America has apathetically allowed the liberal media and government to attempt to change morality. Advertising perfectly legitimate products through the wrong means, the media has made it difficult to have a true, family appropriate, family night. Producing movies, Hollywood has misused the name of an all-powerful God. Attempting to legitimize homosexual marriage, some lawmakers continually seek pass legislation forcing America to recognize homosexual marriage as legal. Christians have failed to see the ramifications of these encroachments, and instead of rising against the violations of morality, they have apathetically fingered the lit dynamite. “You just gonna sit there, or you gonna fish?”


Very good!

I'm glad to see someone out here taking a stand. This is a well written essay, Ethan, and I'd say keep on going! I love the beginning and how you tie it all in!

Heather | Wed, 10/17/2007

And now our hearts will beat in time/You say I am yours and you are mine...
Michelle Tumes, "There Goes My Love"

great job

I completely agree with you. It's pathetic. I wish more people thought this way!!

Anonymous | Thu, 10/18/2007

And I, on the other hand,

And I, on the other hand, could not disagree more. (and I think it's ok to say we'll agree to disagree here).
More to the "writing" point: you have a very strong writing style. The essay could benefit from less absolutes when talking about examples (e.g., I know lots of mothers who watch tv with their children without becoming embarrassed). Maybe you could think about incorporating specific media example, popular articles that support your points, specific laws/bills, etc., for more persuasive argument.
Also think about using people-first language. People who are homosexual v. homosexuals, etc.

Christa | Wed, 03/19/2008


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