I Do

A Poem By filipinopapi808 // 10/16/2007

Patiently I wait for you
To find me sitting here
Our future sealed forever
No one will ever compare
Like the dawn you’ve come to chase away
The mistakes of yesterday
With you, with you, with you
I’ll say I do

From the moment of my birth
To the last word that I’ll say
I have and will always love you
No matter how the day may change
Let the sun shine and the rain pour
I know it will be okay
With you by my side forever
I choose this day to say I do

We are the love that dreamers dream of
So let us hold fast to our pact
Let us soar with wings above the clouds
And let us never, ever look back
Your so beautiful my baby girl
Only you complete my world
And to you, only you
I say I do


:) Nice...

:) Nice...

Velocity | Fri, 10/19/2007

The Truth will set you free.


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